Yesterday was September 11.  I don’t mind flying on September 11. I flew back from Honolulu HNL yesterday.  The planes were full.  I connected in Phoenix (PHX), and that airport seemed as busy as ever.   There was no apparent anxiety among the passengers.

On 9/11 I was delayed going to work for some reason and was about to turn off Good Morning America and head out the door when the host, Charlie Gibson, said there was a report of a plane (a small plane I believe he said) colliding with the World Trade Center. Being a private pilot, I decided to keep watching. When they switched to a live shot of the towers I was shocked. There was a big smoking hole in one of the towers, and what was even more disturbing for me was the weather was CAVU, severe clear. It was a brilliant, cloudless day. “What the H” I thought. “How could a small plane hit that building in this weather?” Plus the hole looked too big for a small plane impact. I was riveted and kept watching. There was a lot of speculation from the announcers while they kept the cameras trained on the towers. A few minutes later, the TV showed another plane, which was clearly a commercial passenger jet, approach from the right at low altitude and slam into the other tower. It was a moment where I had to pinch myself and question if I really saw what just happened. It took a few seconds to sink in, but then I decided I better get into work pronto.

One of my coworkers had a son at Cantor Fitzgerald. He was at work that morning unfortunately.