When it was time to head back to Manila, the airport had reopened and I did not have to take  a 10-hour boat ride again.  The return trip started with a minibus ride from the hotel to the port on Boracay, then a short boat ride to Caticlan, and finally a short ride to the airport.

Boat from Boracay to Caticlan
Ride to airport on Caticlan

Interestingly, the airport on Caticlan is named for its more famous neighbor.

Airport on Caticlan

Philippine Airlines is not highly rated.  I was pleasantly surprised that the the flight was pretty much on time.  The flight from Caticlan to Manila is only one hour.  Philippine Airlines was using a prop plane for this flight.

Philippine Airlines ATR 72

It was a full flight.  Thankfully a short one though.20151123_093542

Even on this short flight, the Flight attendants managed to pass out a small snack and soft drinks.

Snack and in-flight magazine

Arriving in Manila was a breeze since the APEC delegates had left and there was no need to clear customs and immigration coming from Caticlan.  Once you exit the terminal, free lance drivers will ask to drive you to your destination.  Free lancers will ask for two or three times the rate you will pay for official airport taxis that pick up at the taxi stand on the median across from the terminal.

The official taxis cost less, but you might have to wait for 10 – 15 minutes in a queue for one.  The taxi stands display the fares from the airport to various parts of the city so you know what the fare will be before you get in.

Taxis fares from Manila airport

I was going to be in Manila for only one night before returning to the US. I decided to splurge on my hotel.  I booked the Peninsula Hotel, a five-star hotel in Makati the major tourist distinct in Manila.  The Peninsula stay and my last night in Manila will be covered next.