The Peninsula Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel (also a five-star hotel) are next door neighbors.  I took advantage of that fact to check out Eileen Sison’s Monday night Latin dance party at the Shangri-La’s Sage Bar.

Sage Bar is located on the first floor at the rear of the massive lobby.  It is a high-class joint; so I had saved some nicer clothes – not my Boracay beach attire – to wear.

Dancers at Sage bar

I sat at the bar at first and listened to Eileen and her band perform.

Eileen Sison at Sage bar

I was surprised to find that in addition to the Manila crowd, some of the visitors who attended the festival had also decided to drop in.

Me and some of the guys from the festival

We sat around and talked about future dancing plans.

Conversation at Sage bar

Eileen and some of her friends came over to talk.20151124_002107

It was a great evening with great company.  If you are ever in Manila on a Monday night, check out Sage bar.  The drinks are comparatively pricey , but the atmosphere and music are more than worth it.