Seatle (SEA) is one of my favorite domestic airports.  It has a train to the city.  The airport hotels are close. The terminals are clean and modern with non carpet concourses.  That is important for those like me who travel with spinner carry ons, which roll much easier on non carpet surfaces.  It has great food.  There are a variety of lounges I have access to. And often the views of Mt Rainier on takeoff and landing are spectacular.

Mt Rainier on approach to SEA

The negatives at SEA are that it has several terminals and train systems that one might be forced to navigate if connecting there.  This negative is partially offset by the fact that the transfer times are short if you know where you are going.

The atrium on the airside of SEA security is spectacular.

SEA atrium

The atrium has fast food, sundries, plenty of seating, rocking chairs, runway views, and seafood restaurants.  There also seems to be nearly non-stop live music of multiple varieties.

SEA live music

I love seafood.  Iria’s and Anthony’s seafood restaurants flank the atrium.  I usually choose Anthony’s as it has a fish bar and a full service restaurant.  If I’m in a hurry, I’ll  do takeaway at the fish bar,  find a table in the atrium, watch the planes and people, listen to music, and enjoy some fresh northwest seafood.

Iria’s just to the left of the atrium

Anthony’s full service restaurant and takeaway fish bar are located on the right side of the right of the atrium.

Anthony’s fish bar takeaway service has limited seating
Anthony’s restaurant entrance

My favorite Anthony’s dish is the fish and chips.  Fish and chips can be ordered with cod or salmon.

Anthony’s fish and chips

Anthony’s restaurant has seating by the windows were it is impossible to avoid watching the runways and activity at some of the gates.


The Delta Sskyclub at SEA is in the S terminal where many of the Delta and Skyteam gates are located.  This club went through a facelift a couple of yeas ago.   It is much improved with comfortable seating, pleasing decor and plenty of electrical outlets.

SEA Skyclub bar
SEA Skyclub snacks and food offerings

While the SEA Skyclub does not allocate much space for food and snacks, one nice feature is that behind this area is a room with recliner chairs and soft music that is ideal for getting some peace and quiet.  No cell phones allowed.  This club has one shower in the men’s and women’s bathrooms.  The showers are dark and they do not have a bathroom in the shower room.  I think they are the worst showers in any Skyclub.

This club and others also have specials from time to time.  During this visit, the club was offering some fancy sweets and the opportunity to use Bose headsets in the club.

Special desert offerings
Bose headsets

At SEA I also have the option of using the Alaska Boardrooms thanks to American Admirals Club membership or by virtue of Priority Pass membership, The Club at SEA, which is located below the Delta Skyclub.