Ethiad A320 Business Class Kathmandu to Abu Dhabi

My return trip from Nepal on Ethiad Airlines began with a flight 0n an Ethiad A320 from Kathmandu to Ethiad’s hub in Abu Dhabi.

Boarding was by airstairs foreward and aft.20160426_200458

This aircraft has two classes of service, business and economy.  I had seat 3A, a business class seat.

Seats 3A & 3B

For a narrow-body aircraft, the business-class seats were quite spacious and comfortable. There are 16 seats in the forward cabin on this Ethiad A320, and I was the only passenger.

Interestingly, the flight to Abu Dhabi was scheduled to make a stop in Lucknow, India only one hour after takeoff.  The flight attendant explained this was to refuel as Ethiad did not get fuel in Nepal.

Service began with pre-departure champagne.  Drinks were served on the one-hour flight to Locknow.1461685057590

Dinner was served on the two-and-one-half hour flight from Lucknow to Abu Dhabi.

Salmon and shrimp appetizer

I had the braised lamb and saffron rice entrée.

  1. 1461892920850

Followed by a nice desert.

Fruit and cheese desert

For a narrow body aircraft with a small galley, the flight attendants did a great job with the preparation and presentation of the meal.

The business-class seats have a large personal video screen recessed in the armrest between the seats.  Having just completed an Everest flight and a brief trek in the Himalayan foothills, there was no question about which movie to watch.


The seats are not lie flat, but they are very roomy.  I reclined as I watched the movie, cuddled under the soft blanket, and dozed a little bit before arrival.1461689495787

The flight landed on time at about 12:30 a.m.  I had an eight-hour layover in Abu Dhabi before my flight to Dallas.  I spent that time in Ethiad’s Premium Lounge.  I’ll report on that lounge in a separate post.



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