My return trip from Nepal on Etihad Airlines began with a flight 0n an Etihad A320 from Kathmandu to Etihad’s hub in Abu Dhabi.

Boarding was by airstairs forward and aft.20160426_200458

This aircraft has two classes of service, business and economy.  I had seat 3A, a business class window seat.

Seats 3A & 3B

For a narrow-body aircraft, the business-class seats were quite spacious and comfortable. There are 16 seats in the forward cabin on this Etihad A320, and I was the only passenger.

Interestingly, the flight to Abu Dhabi was scheduled to make a stop in Lucknow, India only one hour after takeoff.  The flight attendant explained this was solely for fuel as Etihad never refueled in Nepal.  That probably is due to the devastating earthquake in 2015 one year before this flight.

Service began with pre-departure champagne in a glass not a plastic cup. 1461681201914

Drinks were served on the one-hour flight to Lucknow.   1461685057590

Dinner was served on the two-and-one-half hour flight from Lucknow to Abu Dhabi.

Salmon and shrimp appetizer

I had the braised lamb and saffron rice entrée.1461892920850

Followed by a nice desert.

Fruit and cheese desert

For a narrow body aircraft with a small galley, the flight attendants did a great job with the preparation and presentation of the meal.

The business-class seats have a large personal video screen recessed in the armrest between the seats.  Having just completed an Everest flight and a brief trek in the Himalayan foothills, there was no question about which movie to watch.


The seats are not lie flat, but they are very roomy.  I reclined as I watched the movie, cuddled under the soft blanket, and dozed a little bit before arrival.1461689495787

The flight landed on time at about 00:30.  I had an eight-hour layover in Abu Dhabi before my flight to Dallas.  I spent that time in the Etihad Premium Lounge.  I’ll report on that lounge in a separate post.

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