One of the benefits I most appreciate from being an American Airlines Executive Platinum is having access to first class lounges of OneWorld airlines when I’m travelling on an international OneWorld ticket.  I can visit these lounges even if travelling in business class or coach.

There are two (actually 2 and 1/2) Japan Airlines first class lounges in Terminal 2 at Narita.  This review covers the lounge just after immigration on the third floor of the main terminal.  One entrance serves the first class lounge and the Sakura business class lounge.  Turn slight left after entering to reach the reception counter for the first class lounge.

Lounge entrance just past immigration
Layout Japan Airlines First Class Lounge -Main Terminal

The agents at the check in desk are always super courteous and efficient.  They make sure each passenger knows when and where to board the next flight.  It takes only 15 minutes to walk to the most distant gate in Terminal 2.

Airport diagram showing the time it takes to reach gates from the Japan Airlines lounges


The seating is comfortable and the color scheme is soft and soothing.20160125_045927_resized


The wifi is fast and electrical outlets are plentiful.

Food and Beverages

On the far right as you enter is the buffet, eating area, beverages and sushi bar.20160311_141533_resized




The buffet provides enough Japanese and Western choices to make a nice meal or snack while waiting for the next flight.

Eggs, french toast, sausage, hash browns and juice
Lunch, desert and champagne

The lounge offers a wide selection of premium beverages especially if you are a scotch (blend or single malt) drinker as I am.20160311_150419_resized


Wine and champagne

Sushi Bar

The lounge has a sushi bar staffed by two sushi chefs.

Sushi bar

Of course a selection of Sake is offered as well.  Too bad I don’t read Japanese.

Sake selection

Massage Services

After some food and drink in this lounge, I’ll often have a shower and a massage.  The lounge has attendants who will give 10-minute back, head or foot massages.  After a relaxing shower and a short massage is enough to help me recover from a trans-Pacific flight and look forward to my upcoming connecting flight.

When there is a wait for a massage or shower, the attendants will give a paging device that will alarm when the massage or shower is ready.

Massage room

Sometimes there is a wait for the massage rooms.   If so, there are two massage chairs.  I tried the chair and was very impressed with the quality of the massage.  It can massage your whole body from the neck to the ankle.

Massage chair

There are detailed instructions on how to operate the various options for the chair massage.

Massage chair instructions

This lounge has a shoe shine service.20160125_050022_resized


The showers are typical of a first class lounge though the rooms are not large.20160125_151345_resized

There is a small closet with hangers to hang clothes and a shoe horn with an extra long handle.

Shoe Shine

The shoe-shine service was closed, but I was informed that the first class lounge upstairs had one that was open.  Yes.  There is in fact another Japan Airlines first class lounge on the fourth floor of the main terminal.  Stairs just outside this lounge take you there.  This was a new discovery for me.

Business Center 

The lounge has desktop computers and private phone booths tucked away from the rest of the lounge.

Work stations

The next post will cover the smaller Japan Airlines first class lounge in the Terminal 2 Satellite building.