Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBT) at Los Angeles International Airport is the most beautiful international terminal in any US airport.

Shopping at TBT

It is modern and has nice facilities for the general public.

Bar and restaurant on 5th level
Live entertainment

The easy way to TBT

TBT has no TSA Precheck and security lines can be horrendous.  Thanks to the connector between Terminal 4 and TBT completed in early 2016, getting to these lounges is easy if you are originating in Los Angeles or connecting from an American Airlines domestic flight.

If originating in Los Angles, use your boarding pass with TSA Pre at the Terminal 4 security line to get airside without going through TBT security.  Once inside security in Terminal 4 whether connecting or originating in Los Angeles, take the up escalator by Gate 41.  A sign identifies it as the connector to TBT.

Moving walkways make the trip quick and you have great views of the planes at Terminal 4 and TBT.

Connector to TBT

There is also a good view of the people stuck in the usually long security lines at TBT.

View of TBT security lines from T4 connector


At the end of the connector is an escalator to the level with gates and shopping.  Do not take the escalator.  The lounges are around the corner ahead.  If you take the escalator down, just after getting off is an elevator with a lounge directory. Down to TBIT LAX

Elevator with directory

Korean Air Lounge   

Just around the corner at the end of the connector is the entrance to the Korean Air lounge.  Priority Pass members, those flying  Korean Air in business or first class, and certain Korean Air Morning Calm members have access to this lounge.

The reception desk is always well staffed so there won’t be a wait to check your credentials.  The lounge has a soft and relaxing feel.  The first section of the lounge is a seating area with a TV and newspapers, restrooms and showers, and the main food buffet.

First section of seating Korean air lounge
A variety of cold sandwiches
Other snacks

Other snacks include pretzels and chips and salsa.  You can’t really make much of a meal from this buffet.

The second section has more traditional seating and another TV.  The bar is in this room.  The alcoholic selection is limited.  All of the seating is comfortable.  Electrical outlets are plentiful, and the wifi works well.

Second seating area

The highlight of this lounge is the terrace adjacent to the second seating area.  The terrace provides a wonderful perch for watching the activities below in the atrium.  The seating is not as comfortable and noise levels are higher than inside the lounge, but the view more than makes up for that.

Korean Air lounge terrace

In addition to Priority Pass members and certain Korean Air flyers, SkyTeam Elite Plus members can use this lounge when flying internationally on a Skyteam carrier.

Qantas Business Class Lounge 

The Qantas business class lounge, also known as the OneWorld Alliance lounge, is located at the end of level 5 farthest from the T4 connector.  OneWorld Emerald and Sapphire members and those travelling in business class on OneWorld carriers have access to this lounge.

Of the lounges in this review, I like the décor of this lounge most.

Qantas business class lounge

The lounge is casual but impressive.


The best feature is the cozy, welcoming  fireplace.  There is something homey and soothing about a fireplace that many, including me, find appealing.  Perhaps that stems from our collective experience of gathering around fires for protection and warmth since mankind first learned to control fire.

20160319_214948 (2)
Qantas business class lounge

In addition to a respite from the noise and commotion of the terminal, this lounge offers showers, wifi, a good selection of alcoholic beverages and a decent buffet.

Qantas business lounge buffet
Qantas business lounge buffet

I was able to have a nice dinner with just a few of the selections from the buffet.

Dinner in the Qantas business lounge

While this lounge is one of the nicest business class lounges in the US, the Qantas first class lounge is on a whole other level.

Qantas First Class Lounge

The Qantas first class lounge is also located on level 5 and is the first lounge you see at the end of the T4 connector.  If you are on a OneWorld airline flying international first class or are a OneWorld Emerald, definitely take the opportunity to spend some time in this lounge.  The restaurant is an experience not to be missed.

Since I was between flights I tried the showers first. There was an attendant on duty to assign showers and hand out toiletries.  The showers were functional if not spectacular.



After showering I went to the restaurant and was seated at one of the dining tables.

Qantas first class lounge dining area and bar

The waiters presented the Neil Perry menu.

Qantas first class lounge dining menu (click to enlarge)

After perusing the menu I selected the sea bass with herb salad.  Waiters took my order and brought wine.

Qantas lounge waiters

It took about 20 minutes for the order to be prepared.

Sea bass, herb salad and fresh green beans

The sea bass was moist, flaky and delicious.  If I had to nitpick, the only negative about this experience was that the silverware reminded me of my high school cafeteria.  Everything else was strictly first class.

On the return trip, I tried the ribs entre and was equally pleased.

Sichuan ribs and Asian slaw

For adult beverages there is seating at the bar and an area next to the restaurant.

Bar and sitting area

After dinner I had time to relax.  I logged in on the wifi, read some of international newspapers, watched a sporting event on TV, and also enjoyed another glass or two of wine from the self serve area.

Qantas first class lounge
Qantas first class lounge
Self serve wine bar
Chilled wine and champagne


Definitely check out these lounges if you have Priority Pass, first or business class tickets or frequent flier status.  The Korean Air lounge has the best views.  The Qantas business class lounge has a great fireplace and vibe.  The best lounge overall, with an outstanding a la carte restaurant, is easily (and not surprisingly) the Qantas first class lounge.