Delta One 767-300 Atlanta to Seattle

My son, Alex, took the Maryland bar exam in July 2016 and we decided to take a trip in August to reward his hard work.  (In November, he learned that he passed the exam!!!)

HKG was the destination because it is a great city, Alex had never been to Asia, and it was about the only destination I could find that required just the normal amount of Skymiles, 140,000/person, for business class.

The itinerary to HKG was (1) CLT to Atlanta (ATL) in first class, (2) ATL to Seattle (SEA), and (3) SEA to HKG in Delta One.

CLT – ATL MD-88 First Class

AT CLT, Delta operates from Concourse A, which is often very crowded and lacks good food options and power outlets.  There is no Delta SkyClub at CLT, but there are two American Airlines Admirals Clubs.  Since I have the American WorldElite MasterCard, which includes Admirals Club membership as a benefit, I can use the Admirals Club even when I fly another airline.

Concourse C Admirals Club

We spent 30 minutes in the Admirals Club enjoying the power, wifi, breakfast snacks and tarmac views before going to Concourse A to catch the flight to ATL.

The flight was on a MD-88 with a standard domestic first class 2 -2 seating arrangement.

Seats 2A & 2B on the MD-88 with pre-departure beverages

These seats are fine for short trips although the armrest between the seats should be larger to accommodate drinks and snacks for two persons.  The seats are 19.5 inches wide, and seat pitch is 37 inches. Delta schedules the 35-minute flight to ATL for 75 – 80 minutes.  No doubt this route pads its on-time stats.

CLT-ATL departure on Runway 18 Center

ATL Terminal E SkyClub Showers

A shower and shave before a long flight is a great way to relax and shed any stress that builds up from travel.  I was feeling good but decided to shower in ATL because the SEA SkyClub has only one shower.  It can be a long wait if there is a line.

After landing in ATL, we went to the Terminal E SkyClub.  Alex chilled in the lounge while I went to the shower area.  This club has six shower rooms, and there is almost never a wait to get one.

Terminal E SkyClub shower room.

(Click to enlarge)



(Click to enlarge)

The attendant will provide amenities, including shower gel, soap, shampoo, dental kit, shaving kit, body lotion and hair dryers.  Each shower room comes with packaged towels and bath mat, hand soap and lotion.  These rooms also have power outlets so you can charge your devices while showering.

ATL – SEA Delta one 767-300

Alex and I headed to our gate in Terminal A for the flight to SEA about 45 minutes before the scheduled 11:00 a.m.departure time.  When we left the SkyClub for the airport train everything with the flight was showing okay.

ATL-SEA departure gate

At gate A21, however, boarding was not close to starting.  Due to some mechanical issue, the flight did not board until 11:39 and departed at about 12:10.  I was glad I showered in ATL as ground time in SEA would be even more limited.

The Delta One seat on Delta’s 767-300 is very nice for a domestic flight.  It reclines to a fully flat position and has much more room than a regular domestic first class seat.  This seat is 21 inches wide.  Seat pitch varies from 76 to 81 inches depending on the row.

The negatives of this seat are that there is not much room for stowing personal items, and the area for your feet is small.  Other than a 757, the 767-300 would be the least desirable Delta aircraft for a long international flight.

Seat 2A

The seats are arranged 1 – 2 – 1, single seats on the outside with two seats together in the middle.  All seats have direct aisle access.  Alex had seat 3A, and I had seat 2A.  Both are window seats on the right side of the aircraft.

Alex in seat 3A

The difference in the seats is that, in the odd numbered rows, the single seats are right next to the window, and the console is on the aisle.  For this seat, the console provides a nice separation between the seat and traffic in the aisle.  The even numbered rows have the console next to the window and the seat is directly on the aisle.

The console is wide and flat on top.  It is a good work space.  You can place personal items here during flight.

Seat controls and tray table storage on the console

A/C and USB power outlets, the headset connection, and personal reading light are right next to the seat.


For this Delta One domestic flight, Delta provided a small un-wrapped pillow, a thin blanket and noise-canceling headsets.  There was no amenity kit.20160810_112319_resized

According to the flight tracker screen, at takeoff, the flight was expected to take four hours and 37 minutes to cover 2,176 miles between ATL and SEA.20160810_113742-2_resized

While at the gate the flight attendants offered the pre-departure beverage service.

Pre-departure beverage

Once in the air, the flight attendants distributed hot towels and offered another beverage service.

Departure from ATL
Hot towels


Then they served lunch.  I had the Delta cheeseburger, which is one of my favorites.20160810_124548_resized-1

The cheeseburger came with potato salad.  Desert of cheese, grapes and pie was served at the same time as the cheeseburger.  It was a tasty, simple lunch.

Afterwards, there was time to watch a movie and snooze.  The IFE screen is not large; however the selection of entertainment is good and the headsets deliver high-quality audio.

Delta 767-300 in-flight entertainment with movies, TV shows, live TV, flight tracker, games, and audio selections.

Approaching SEA, Alex and I opened the window shades to enjoy the scenery.  I had selected seats on the right side of the plane to get the best view of Mt. Rainier on the way into SEA.

Mt. Rainier
Arrival at S Concourse SEA


We parked at the S Concourse, which would also be our departure point for the flight to HKG.

The Last Word

The 767-300 is great for domestic service.  The DeltaOne experience is much nicer on international flights.  We were looking forward to DeltaOne service to HKG on an A330-300.  That will be the next post about this trip.


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