Before boarding the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong on the first leg of the trip back from the 2017 Singapore Latin Dance Festival, I stopped in the Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport.  Cathay Pacific uses this lounge for its first and business class passengers and OneWorld Emeralds.  The Dnata Lounge is also open to those with a Priority Pass membership.

The strength of the Priority Pass lounge system is quantity not quality.  There are over 900 lounges worldwide.  The Dnata lounge in Terminal 1 at SIN breaks the mold of the typical Priority Pass lounge.  It is one of the best Priority Pass Lounges I’ve ever visited.

Location and Hours

To get to the lounge, turn right after immigration.  Take the escalator across from Gucci up one level.  As far as hours, this lounge never closes.

A sign identifies the way up to the lounge
Once on the second level, the Dnata lounge is easy to spot
Two agents were available for check in

Seating and Services

Once inside the lounge a bar and coffee station with baristas is directly ahead.img_3199


Immediately to the right is a small dining area.img_3200

Farther to the right of the entrance are the main seating areas.img_3179img_3178

The decor is extremely well done.  The staff keeps the lounge immaculate.  Notice that there are no dirty plates, cups or glasses and that no pillow is out of place.

Electrical outlets with a/c and usb connections are plentiful and conveniently placed.  The seats are very comfortable. img_3177

Past the seating areas is a self-service bar and a work area.img_3182img_3181

A stand with newspapers and magazines is near the work table.img_3180

Buffet and Dining Area

To the left of the lounge entrance is the food area.

Buffet with hot and cold foods

Next to the buffet is a larger dinning area.img_3190

The buffet was stocked with great food options.

Hot entrees
Chicken, beef and veggie sandwiches
Soup, bread and salads


Chicken satay and quiche
French pastries and fresh juice

I selected several of the offerings and took them back to my seat.

Indonesian beef dish, chicken satay, rice and vegetables
Soup, sandwich and quiche

I wanted to try many of the offerings – purely in the interest of writing a review of course. The food was outstanding for a lounge buffet.  As soon as I was finished with any item, an attendant was there to clear it away.

Near the buffet was an enclosed smoking and meeting room.

Conference or meeting room

Bathrooms and Showers

Past the buffet are the bathrooms and showers.  I didn’t shower but think the facilities looked more than adequate.img_3195img_3197

The Dnata Lounge had WiFi of course.  Logging in was easy and the WiFi speed was good.

Overall Impression

I was very impressed with the Dnata Lounge in Terminal 1 at SIN.  The decor, cleanliness, and food in this lounge are comparable to a good international business class lounge – far better than an average Priority Pass lounge.  In terms of  food, beverages, and seating, this lounge is superior to American Express Centurion lounges in the US not to mention domestic lounges of US airlines.  Now if Dnata could only add spa services or at least massage chairs.