When I checked in at EWR for the Cathay Pacific flight in business class to Hong Kong, the agent told me that the British Airways Galleries lounge was available for Cathay premium cabin passengers and OneWorld Emeralds and Sapphires.

The Galleries lounge is after security in Terminal B, B2 Satellite just before reaching the duty free sales area for gates 50 – 58.  The lounge is open from 15:00 to 22:45.

Take the elevator up one floor to the lounge
Galleries lounge entrance

The Galleries lounge is a medium sized lounge – 760 square meters.  On the night I was there it was practically empty.  That was surprising because while there were no British Airways flights at that time, the Cathay 777-300 flight to Hong Kong had 40 business class seats (about 2/3 occupied) and there were probably additional passengers who had access to the lounge through Cathay Pacific or Oneworld elite status.

When you enter the lounge there is a small seating area directly ahead.

First seating area

This area has a small buffet of soup, salads and cold sandwiches.   img_3356

To the right of the first seating area is the British Airways first class dining area.  It was closed since there were no British Airways flights at that time. img_3360

Beverages and additional snacks are behind the first seating area.

A good selection of quality alcoholic beverages.  The interesting thing about this self service bar was every bottle was full.  


Continue past the self-serve bar to reach the main seating areas.  Seating is comfortable.  There is a view of the tarmac.  Electrical outlets, however, are few.

In contrast to the recently remodeled British Airways First Lounge at JFK Terminal 7, here the atmosphere is homey and relaxing.


20190506_170742 (1)
Remodeled British Airways First Lounge JFK
TV area


The business center is located to the right of the TV area

To the right of the lounge entrance are the bathrooms and showers.  I peeked in a shower room just to see what one looked like.img_3372img_3371img_3370

Final Analysis

Other than slight disappointment with the food options, my experience in the Galleries lounge was completely satisfactory.  It was nice that the staff asked on a couple of occasions if there was anything I needed, and they were apologetic about the food situation.  As is apparent from the pictures, the lounge on this night was neat as a pin.  I would expect though that this lounge could get crowded and the appearance might not be so impressive when British Airways flights are departing.  And having every bottle at the bar completely filled is the only time I’ve seen that.