Returning from my brief but exciting first trip to Cuba, my Delta flight to Charlotte departed from Atlanta (ATL) Concourse B.  I had a window seat and noticed that almost every aircraft at the B gates was a T-tail, either a MD 80, 88, or 90, or a Boeing 717, or a CRJ 700 or 900.

T Tails from seat 2A on my MD 88 flight to Charlotte

The flight was departing at sunset so the light was great for pictures.20170219_18033720170219_18053620170219_18070820170219_180603

From the back, the T Tails with their elevators raised resemble the flukes of a great whale preparing to sound.20170219_180521

An interesting aspect of the T Tail is that there is an exit stairway in the tail cone. This type of stairway is what D. B. Cooper used in 1971 to bailout with $200,000 in ransom money over Washington state  never to be heard from again.  Cooper was on a Northwest 727 then.

Putting all the T Tails on one concourse must be a conscious effort no doubt to improve already impressive on-time performance stats.

It was a great evening for photos.  Here are some other shots of ATL that day.20170219_18072620170219_18120420170219_18174020170219_181907

Not as often as I used to thanks to Stymiles devaluations


PS.  This is my first in-flight post.  The wifi is slow, very slow on this American 777-300.  At this moment I’m posting from above the Arctic Ocean just north of Barrow, Alaska.   I’m flying business class from Dallas (DFW) to Hong Kong (HKG) thanks to a System Wide Upgrade that somehow managed to clear yesterday.  This flight will be covered separately.   Cheers!