I have had some great burgers at many restaurants around the USA and Canada.  Outside of North America, many restaurants also offer burgers on the menu.  Usually these burgers, while good, fail to compare to the really good ones I can get back home.

That is why I was surprised to find a burger joint in the Philippines that has the best burger and onion rings that I can remember.  8 Cuts Burger Blends has a location on LP Leviste Street in the Makati section of Manila only 100 yards from the Picasso Boutique Hotel where I was staying after my return from Boracay and prior to departing Manila.

20170227_101457 (2)
8 Cuts Burger Blends in Makati

The restaurant uses eight different cuts of beef (hence the name) to make its hamburgers. They are thick and juicy, and there seems to be an almost infinite number of ways to top them off.

A fairly basic 8 Cuts cheeseburger

Even better than the burgers, in my view, are the onion rings.   I’m not really an onion-ring fan.  These onion rings, though, were to die for.

8 Cuts onion rings. Crispy, crumbly batter outside and super good tasting, perfectly done onions inside.

I took a few onion rings back to my hotel.  They were still delicious when I microwaved them for a late-night snack.

One drawback of the LP Leviste Street location of 8 Cuts is a lack of adequate space for sit-down diners.

Interior of 8 Cuts on LP Leviste Street

Another thing I like about this 8 Cuts is they have NBA basketball on TV!

Strange that I found the best version of the great American classic, burger and onion rings, in the Philippines.  If you are in Manila, try one of the three 8 Cuts locations.  I hope you like it as much as I did.