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Hours and Location

I had almost three hours in NRT before the fight to Boston (BOS).  Although I was flying business class to Boston my American Airlines Executive Platinum status grants access to the Japan Airlines First Class Lounge rather than the Sakura Lounge for business-class passengers.

The lounge is open 07.30 – 22.00,  Japan Airlines has two (actually 2.5) first-class lounges at NRT.  Since my flight to Boston departed from Gate 63, I stopped at the lounge in the Main Building near gate 61.

Airport diagram showing the time it takes to reach gates from the lounges

Last year I reviewed this lounge and the First Class Lounge in the Satellite Building. Rather than repeat a full blown review, I’m adding a link to those reviews and adding a few photos from the current visit.

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge Tokyo Narita – Main Building

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge -Tokyo Narita Satellite Building

Lounge Layout

These are excellent first class lounges.  The lounge in the Main Building has free massages, good beverages, sushi chefs, a sake bar, good tarmac views, and excellent buffet food. Here’s a lounge diagram.IMG_3631

With less than two hours in the lounge, I wanted to squeeze in a massage and a shower before the long flight to BOS.

The lounge was fairly busy when I entered.  IMG_3633

I went directly to the person who schedules showers and massages.  As expected, there was a waiting list.  The attendant put my name on both lists and scheduled an appointment for a massage.  She also gave me a pager to announce when one of the showers was available.

Pager and appointment reminder for a massage


I decided to forego the 10-minute massage in favor of more time freshening up in the shower, sampling the food and beverages, and computer time.

When the pager alarmed I went to the spa area and was given the key to one of the showers. Even when flying first class or business class I always appreciate the relaxing effect that a shower provides before a long flight.

The showers have a closet for hanging clothes not just pegs on a wall.IMG_3621

There is a stool and bench to make it easy to get in and out of your clothes.IMG_3623

The toilet is high tech of course, although not as fancy as the ones in the Delta Skyclub at NRT.IMG_3624

I was able to brush teeth and have a shave before the shower.  A hair dryer was available to help dry off.

IMG_3625 (2)

The shower had body jets as well as handheld and rain-shower shower heads.IMG_3626

Yes, that’s immodest me reflected in the shower control knob.

Shoe Shine

After an enjoyable shower, I had a shoe shine and a little more food before heading to the gate.IMG_3630IMG_3635

Overall Impression

The lounge was more crowded than I’ve seen on my other visits but nothing like the Centurion lounges have become.  I could have had a massage as well as a shower and shoe shine in the two-hour visit.

The food, beverages and service from the Japan Airlines representatives are first class and the furniture and decor are comfortable and relaxing.  I especially like the sushi and sake bars.  While these lounges lack some of the “over the top” luxuries of the Ethiad and Cathay Pacific hub lounges, I find them to be clearly superior to the usual business class international lounges.