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American Airlines A321 Lie Flat Domestic First Class Seat – Boston, MA (BOS) to New York, NY (JFK)

American Airlines JFK International First Class Lounge – Progress Report

Transfer to Terminal 7

After the flight form BOS to JFK on the American Airlines (AA) A321 with lie-flat first class seats and a stop in the Flagship (First Class) Lounge at T8, I transferred to T7 for the flight on Iberia Airlines to MAD.  Moving between terminals at JFK requires exiting the secured area and taking a train.

Inter-terminal train at JFK

British Airways Galleries Lounges

After getting a boarding pass and clearing security at T7, I stopped at the British Airways (BA) Galleries Lounges.

The BA lounges are a short escalator ride up from the concourse level just past security.

BA has a first class and business class lounge here.  The first class lounge is to the left and business class lounge to the right.

Galleries Lounge entrance

OneWorld airlines departing from T7 use these lounges.  I’d been here when flying Cathay Pacific and knew that the business class lounge is nicer than the first class lounge.  While the first class lounge has slightly better spirits and food, the seating is terrible.  Power outlets are almost non existent.

The business class lounge has a more modern look with a better seating arrangement, more power.  Plus the showers and the spa are in the business lounge.

Spa menu

To get the best of both, I picked up some food and drink in the first class lounge and took it to my seat on the business class side.

Iberia Airlines (IB) Flight 6250

I arrived at the gate just before boarding started at 5:50 pm as scheduled.  Boarding went smoothly.  As a OneWorld Emerald (AA Executive Platinum), I boarded in the first group.

Boarding IB A340-600.  Boarding first gives plenty of time and room for stowing luggage and gear,

IB A340-600 

This IB A340-600 seats 46 in business and 300 in economy.  My economy seat was 19H, an aisle seat near the windows on the left side.  The economy section is arranged 2-4-2.  The economy seats have nice width, 18 inches, but little leg room (31 inches of pitch).

Seat 19H legroom

The economy seat comes with a good inflight entertainment system (IFE) that provided great information on the flight, on board services and shopping, and arrival information.  The music and movie library was not as extensive as some systems. 20170317_18353520170317_184010

The system specifies the number of options for entertainment


The IFE plugs the IB (actually BA) frequent flyer program.20170317_190115

The IFE in economy displays views of the business class seat on this plane.

Even though the economy section was full, I was not disappointed about missing out on business class because these are my least favorite business class seats.  Aisle seats leave passengers exposed.  Middle seats are as close together as economy.  Only seats that are by the window and have the console next to the aisle afford the space and privacy I expect in business class.

Flight IB 6250 was scheduled to depart at 6:30pm.  We pushed back from the gate at 6:45 pm and took off at 7:06 pm.   The estimated flight time was six hours and 40 minutes for the 3,585 miles to MAD. 20170317_190248


Fifty minutes after takeoff the flight attendants began the dinner service with beverages followed by the meal.

Beverages and meals served from a cart
The food was decent. The single shrimp for the appetizer was slightly amusing.

Since the flight time was less than seven hours, the second meal was a pre-packaged sandwich, candy and a cupcake.  The FAs served it quickly as we went feet dry over the coast of Portugal.  While crossing the Atlantic the FAs had also offered trays of juice and water a couple of times.   20170318_00482720170318_005017

After the snack was cleared away, the passengers began the customary ritual of packing up for landing and hitting the head.  About 20 minutes before landing the IFE system began showing information for immigration and connecting at MAD.  Since this was my first time at this airport, I appreciated the help.20170318_013918

The flight touched down at MAD at 6:45 am, exactly as predicted at takeoff.

IB A340-600 at Gate R16 MAD

Overall Impression

This was my first flight on Iberia Airlines.  IB receives three stars out of five in the Skytrax ratings.  Based on this flight I must agree that it is an average airline.  The service was friendly enough but the seat with 31 inches of pitch is too tight for taller folk.  It is nice that the armrests on the aisle can be raised.  That allowed me to pivot my feet into the aisle to let the window seat passenger out without having to get up.