La Habana, Cuba, February 2017 – Photo Tour Part 5 of 5

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This was my first visit to Cuba. I would only visit La Habana.  These are some of the sights from around town that I thought were interesting.

The Malecon, the seaside esplanade for strolling and fishing
A typical street in the Central district
Universidad de La Habana in the Vedado district
Museo de la Revolución
El Capitolio will reopen as the seat of the Cuban government
Ladies in traditional garb
American cars from the 50s often serve as taxis and tour vehicles for tourists.
Late night neighborhood pizza spot in Central district
Upper class Miramar district
Miramar district
Plaza de la Revolución and José Martí memorial where Fidel would talk for hours
Catedral de la Virgen Maria de la Concepcion Immaculada
Junkanoo Cuban style
What must be the world’s largest ice cream parlor
Part of Soderia Coppelia, a large circular ice cream parlor in Vedado
Spanish fortification in old Havana and tourist carriage

Overall Impression

La Habana is a picturesque city of contrasts.  The decrepit state of some of the buildings does nothing to dampen the spirit and vibrancy of the people.  I got the feeling that the island was anxious to thrive and break free of its Marxist past, charting a new course while retaining it own culture and identity.


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