American Airlines A330-300 Business Class, London, England (LHR) – Charlotte, NC (CLT)

I was looking forward to this trip for two reasons.  First, it was my first trip on an American/USAir A330.  Second, although I’ve flown more than 1.8 million miles (mostly international flights) since I started keeping stats in 2011, this would be the first time I would go through Customs & Immigration at CLT, my home airport.

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According to the flight status board in the American Airlines International First Class Lounge, flight 731 would board on time at 10:10am at Gate 40.  This gate is located in a cluster of four gates at the end of one of the concourses in Terminal 3.  It was a lot farther than I expected.  Walking briskly, I arrived at the gate at 10:12am to find that there was actually no need to rush.20170410_172252_resized

Boarding was delayed.  The sign directed passengers to take a seat.  An agent was milling about inspecting boarding passes.  She looked at my boarding pass and directed me to the counter where I received a new one.  That agent questioned me about my trip.  There was no secondary visual or x-ray inspection of carry-on bags however.

American Flight 713 was scheduled to depart at 11:00am and arrive at CLT at 3:05pm. LHR and CLT are separated by 3,992 miles as the great-circle crow flies.

Boarding finally began at 10:34am.  On the jet bridge I took a picture of Miss England, a Virgin Atlantic A330 parked next door.

All planes should have names and nose art.

The business-class section on the American (legacy USAir) A330-300 has 28 Envoy seats in the cabin between the second exit and the cockpit.  Seats are arranged 1-2-1.  My seat was 1H, a window seat on the right.


Seat 1H


Seat Features

The Envoy seat was USAir’s first reverse-herringbone, lie-flat seat.  Bed length is 80 inches.  Seat width is 20.5 inches.  Avoid economy on this aircraft.  The seats are only 17 inches wide and have a pitch of 31 inches.  That is tight!

The Envoy seat controls are conveniently located beside the right armrest.  They are easy to understand and operate.20170410_120448_resized

Some business seats put the headphone connection and power plugs in places that are very hard to find and awkward to reach.  On this aircraft, the video controller, reading light, power ports, and headphone connection are clustered in one easy to reach location at eye level. 20170410_120606_resized

The tray table is located in the armrest on the right.  It self deploys with a tap of the finger.  Outstanding.

On the negative side, the seat has almost no storage.

The only secure storage space is a small slot under the side console.

I like bulkhead business seats because they usually come with a flat area for storage that other seats don’t have.

A small but useful spot for personal items during cruise.

The center bulkhead seats have more room to set things in flight.20170410_171413_resized


A quilt and small pillow wrapped in plastic were on the seat when I boarded.  They were both more than adequate for this flight.  I find that airlines usually keep the cabin too warm for comfortable sleep under a thick quilt.  So I prefer a thin quilt especially if there are no pajamas.20170410_170738_resized

American also supplied noise-cancelling headsets and an amenity kit.



Amenity kit contents: dental kit, tissues, earplugs, eyeshades, headphone covers, pen, lip balm and hand lotion.

Bottled water.20170410_104420_resized

American did not provide pajamas or a mattress.


During the boarding process, a flight attendant (FA) brought beverages.  I grabbed a glass of sparkling wine.20170410_170826_resized

A little known fact about pre-departure beverages is that FAs are not paid to serve them. They are not on the clock until the door closes.

The cabin door closed at 11:05am. Pushback was four minutes later.

British Airways A380-800 was parked next to us at Terminal 3

We began taxing at 11:20.  There were some interesting sites on the way to the runway.

I think this is Miss England.  Too bad we can’t see the nose art.
20170424_171434 (1)
This monstrosity must be for firefighting practice

Flight 731 departed LHR at 11:37am on runway 27R.  The runway designation means that it is roughly aligned on a magnetic heading of 270 degrees and that there is at least one other runway at LHR to the left on the same heading.

Taking 27R
There are a slew of hotels and businesses on the north side of LHR
Just west of LHR we flew over what must have been the venue for rowing competitions at the 2012 Olympics.

During the climb to the cruise altitude the FAs distributed hot towels.


At 12:15pm beverage service began.

Warm nuts and Glenlivet scotch, 12 year not 15 as on some other AA flights

These are the menus for the flight:20170410_121547_resized 20170410_121412_resized20170410_121248_resized20170410_121846_resized20170410_121718_resized

The FA took orders for dinner and beverages before takeoff.  Appetizers and warm bread were served at 12:30pm.

A simple and inexpensive Caprese salad appetizer and wedge salad

Before the entree was served the video system malfunctioned.  The FA said rebooting would take 15 minutes.  The system did not come back on for another 30 minutes.

Working with the IFE must have distracted the crew, because the entree was not served until 12:59pm.

Braised beef au jus, carrots and polenta

The beef and carrots were wonderful.  The polenta was tasteless as perhaps it is intended to be.  For dessert, I had the usual porto, butterscotch ice cream sundae with whipped cream and cheese.20170410_140645_resized

After dinner I slept for a couple of hours and woke up with about three hours until landing.

American A330-300 business cabin in daytime sleep mode

The bathroom near the cockpit was small and had no amenities, not even hand lotion.  At least the floor was clean.  There was also a sign asking passengers to clean up after themselves.20170410_170946_resized

I visited the galley at the rear of business class for a snack.20170410_162623_001_resized_120170424_172628_resized

The selection and setup was not as nice as on the remodeled 777-200 on the flight to LHR.  I grabbed some chips and popcorn for a movie and returned to my seat.  I asked a FA for a drink and a bottle of water.  They had run out of bottled water so she brought me water in a glass along with a Glenlivet.  The lack of bottled water was no problem.  We use too much water in plastic bottles anyway. 20170410_165721_resized

The In-flight Entertainment system on this aircraft is very basic.20170424_173316_resized20170424_173206_resized

About 70 minutes before landing the FAs served the pre-arrival light meal.  The FA said that they had “sliders.”

20170424_173514_resized (1)
Barbecued beef sandwich, chips and a beer

The “slider” was one of the most disgusting items that I can remember having on a plane.  The sandwich had zero taste much less a barbeque one.  The “beef” was like mush.

Descent and Arrival

The approach to CLT was from the north.20170424_174310_resized

We lined up for a visual approach to one of the three CLT north-south runways.  The FAs offered hot towels to freshen up 15 minutes before landing.

Lake Norman just north of Charlotte

We landed on runway 18C at 2:45pm.  There was a lot of traffic on the ground.

Planes lining up for departure on runway 18L

We parked at Gate D10 at 2:57pm.

At CLT Gate D10

After deplaning it was a short walk to Customs & Immigration in the D terminal.  Getting through C & I took only as long as it took to complete the Global Entry process and walk to the exit.  No waiting whatsoever.

Overall Impression

The A330-300 has the least desirable all-aisle access, lie-flat seat that i’ve flown on America, but at least it is all-aisle access and lie-flat.  The service on the flight was good as was most of the food except for the horrible barbeque beef sandwich.  Going through US C & I at CLT was very efficient.  Many of the international flights arriving at CLT unfortunately still use legacy USAir aircraft like the A330-300.  I prefer to book flights that have more comfortable cabins in business and economy rather than clear customs at my home airport.



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