Do you have plans for air travel during the holidays?  If so, here’s a free and easy way to turn long delays at TSA into no delays.

CLEAR is a privately operated service at many airports in the US that allows members to bypass the line for presenting valid identification before going through TSA physical screening.

TSA Pre is the best way to speed up and simplify the process of physical security screening.  But even those with TSA Pre must wait in long lines at times to present their IDs.  And for those without TSA Pre, the line to present IDs just adds insult to the injury of a cumbersome and annoying TSA screening process.  TSA security is even slower and more exasperating during the holidays because there are more travelers and many of these travelers are unfamiliar with the security process.

I have been using CLEAR for over a year.  Nine times out of 10 when I’ve used CLEAR there is no one else in line.  Never have I waited more than a minute from the time I reach the CLEAR lane until I’m standing in the line to put my bag on the belt for physical TSA screening!

Until December 1, 2017, CLEAR is running a promotion that allows current CLEAR members to offer family and friends the opportunity to enjoy three free months of CLEAR membership and bypass ID check lines at more than two dozen US airports!20171117_083612

Before November 29, 2017, simply use the link below to follow this blog, or like this post if already following.   I will then forward the link to receive your free membership.  I receive no benefit from CLEAR or anyone else if you accept or reject this offer.

A one-year CLEAR membership costs $179.  Family members 18 and over can be added for $50.  Under 18 is free.  This offer is worth about $45 and can save big-time headaches when you travel through one of the CLEAR airports.  A list of those airports is on the CLEAR website.  You can decide to remain with CLEAR after the free period, but to avoid being renewed at the annual fee rate, cancel on or before the expiration of your free membership.

Three months gets everyone through the holiday travel season and leaves plenty of time to cancel after those travels.  Leave any questions you may have in the comments below.

Safe travels and Happy Holidays!