The Delta NRT Sky Club is located in Satellite 2 in Terminal 1.  The entrance to the club is one floor up from the gates.  Satellite 2 gates can be reached within a minute of leaving the lounge. Take the escalator or elevator in the center of Satellite 2 to reach the entrance.

Reps at the NRT club are always extremely helpful and have very good english skills.

Delta/NWA operated two Sky Clubs at its NRT hub for decades.  The other club was in  Satellite 1.   In conjunction with Delta’s reduction in “Fifth Freedom” flights from Japan to other Asian destinations, Delta closed the Satellite 1 club earlier this year.

This sign is in Satellite 1.  It would be nice to also have the same sign in Satellite 2 so those arriving there but departing from Satellite 1 do not walk all the way there only to find that the lounge is closed.
The Delta IFE airport diagram is slightly outdated.  Delta still uses gates in Satellite 1.  It takes about five minutes walking briskly to get to Satellite 1 from the Satellite 2 Sky Club.  (Tip:  The best food and shopping options in Terminal 1 are near gates 30 – 58 that ANA uses.)

Access and Hours

The Satellite 2 club is the larger of the two clubs and has better showers.  The Sky Club is open from 08:00 to 21:00 daily.

The club offers free admission to premium cabin passengers on SkyTeam carriers, SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers, American Express Reserve and Platinum cardholders, and Sky Club members.  Holders of the Delta Gold and Platinum cards are admitted for a discounted fee.

Seating Areas

The interior of the club reflects the building’s curved exterior.

Seats are comfortable.  The decor, however, has remained unchanged since the mid 90s when I first visited.  Electrical outlets are hard to find in the seating areas.


Behind the check in area is a private room that can be rented for $75/hr.

Private conference room or for VIPs who want to be segregated from the riff raff.

Food and Beverages 

Food and beverage offerings have improved noticeably over the years.

There is a food and beverage area at each end of the lounge.  There are Japanese items, including sushi, chicken balls on a stick (been on the menu for 20+ years), soup, salads, fruit and other snacks.


The NRT club has recently added freshly prepared onigiri, rice balls with various fillings and flavors wrapped in nori (seaweed), .

Onigiri, a popular Japanese snack

The quality of alcoholic beverages is reasonable for an international business-class lounge and certainly better than the free booze in domestic Sky Clubs.

All beverages are complimentary and self-serve.

The NRT club is the only SkyClub I know of with a pouring machine for draft beer.  The machine pours a perfect beer every time.  All Sky Clubs could benefit from these machines.

Perfect head every time and no spillage.


Showers are an important amenity at a lounge for connecting international flights.  The showers in the NRT Sky Clubs were the best in the Sky Club system for a long time before Delta upgraded the lounges at its gateways in ATL, JFK, SEA, LAX and SFO.

To use, notify a rep at the check-in counter that you want to take a shower.  The rep will provide a key card for one of the showers or put your name on a wait list.  The Club has five or six shower rooms.  I used shower room #5 on this occasion.

Sink, toilet and trash bin in Shower 5

The trash bin is high-tech.  Wave your hand and it opens, accepts the trash in a small compartment, closes, and then deposits the trash in the holding chamber below.  Hands never touch the lid and the contents of the holding chamber are out of sight and smell.

A toilet is required in every shower room in my opinion.  The closed club had electronic, high-tech toilets that did everything except wipe your butt.  Dental kits and hair dryers are available but no razors.  There is an electric outlet for shavers or charging devices.

The shower is roomy.  Controls are easy to figure out and operate.

Water pressure and temperature are good. Controls are easy to understand and use.  I hate showers with controls that I must experiment with for five minutes before getting the desired temperature.

Delta provides body wash, shampoo and conditioner.20171113_231754_resized

Each room has a seat for changing clothes and setting luggage.20171113_231900_resized

Regardless of the class of service one is flying in, a shower between long international flights can do wonders for one’s attitude and comfort.

Other Services and Features

The best feature of this lounge is the service of the reps.  They gladly answer any questions about upcoming flights.  Boarding announcements are made for all SkyTeam flights.  The club has good wifi, and no password is required.  There is a selection of local and international newspapers and magazines.  The only TV is located in the private room behind the check in desk.  At a long work station next to the window Delta provides electrical outlets and a few computers for public use.  The club has a view of the ramp area and 16R, NRT’s main runway.

Overall Impression

I’ve been coming to the NRT Sky Club(s) for over 20 years.  I always feel welcome here.  It has a home-away-from-home feel.  Objectively, though, even with the food and beverage improvements, I’d say this club is average for a business-class lounge in Asia.  Additional electrical outlets in the seating areas would be a significant improvement that could be easily accomplished.