The return from Paris was on an American Airlines 787-9.  In October 2016, I flew on the first flight of the first 787-9 to enter service with American.  That was a domestic flight from DFW to Los Angeles, CA (LAX).   I had been looking forward to getting a ride on this aircraft on a long-distance international flight.

CDG Admirals Club

The trip began with a brief visit to the Admirals Club at CDG.

CDG Admirals Club

Admirals Clubs outside the United States are nicer than the domestic ones.  At CDG I prefer the Admirals Club to the Air France business-class lounges.  The CDH Admirals Club is spacious, has a decent morning buffet, and  unlike the AF lounges, the atmosphere is relaxing.20180105_213634_resized20180105_213709_resized

Flight to Dallas

I left the lounge at boarding time.  The scene at the gate was a sharp contrast from the tranquility of the lounge.20180105_213821_resized

Super Diamond Seat Features

After fighting through the crowd I was able to board and take seat 3A, a business-class seat on the port side. 20180105_214348_resized

The Super Diamond seat is my favorite American Airlines business-class seat.  It is roomy and has storage for the personal items that passengers like to have at hand during flight. 20180105_214450_resized

This is the same seat as on the 777-200 from Miami, FL (MIA) to CDG.

The ottoman is small.  However the herringbone design leaves room for the legs.
Easy to understand and operate seat controls
Reading light and magazine pocket above the console

I like the storage space that this seat provides.  The console has two enclosed compartments.20170904_114642_resized

There is also storage by the footwell and the armrest on the aisle.


The tray table unfolds to create a large space for dining or work.
Passengers control the direction of lighting and the amount and direction of ventilation.


Amenities were fairly standard for trans-Atlantic flights, blanket and pillow (pictured above), amenity kit, bottled water, and noise-cancelling headphones.

The Bose headsets are great except the flight attendants collect them without warning 30-45 minutes before landing.


Amenity kit contents

The best “amenity” of all is the 787 electronically dimming windows.20170908_102429_resized

Food and Beverages

Service started with the usual offering of pre-departure beverages, juice, water, or sparkling wine/champagne. 20170904_115446_resized

Beverage menus:20180105_215220_resized20180105_215314_resized

Food menu:20180105_215146_resized20180105_215403_resized

On the Way to DFW

Preparing for departure on Runway 27

Meal Service

As customary, American began with beverages and warm nuts.20170908_102350_resized

Caprese salad appetizer, wedge salad, warm bread and butter and
The lettuce looked stale.
Grilled Sriploin

I asked for the beef to be medium rare to rare.  It was.  Airlines are doing a much better job of preparing beef to individual tastes.

Strawberry sundae for dessert

The entree and dessert were very good.  After dinner, flight attendants set out a variety of snacks in the galley for mid-flight munching.  The pre-arricval meal was served about two hours before landing.

Barbeque beef cheese toastie arrival meal

I had no complaints about the food.  The cheese toastie was much better than the awful barbecue “slider” served on an American A330-300 from LHR to CLT.  The amount of food on this flight was surprisingly less than the amount served on the shorter flight from MIA to CDG on an American 777-200.

After dinner, the flight attendants dimmed the cabin lights and many passengers took the opportunity to watch entertainment on the video system or recline to full flat and nap.

American 787-9 business-class cabin in sleep mode.  The windows provide enough dimming to easily permit sleep.

Final Thoughts

After flying on the 787-9 on its domestic maiden flight with American, it was a pleasure to experience this plane on a long-haul international route that it was designed to fly.  The 787-9 is probably my favorite aircraft to fly because of the higher humidity and cabin pressure and the large electronic dimming windows. Now it would be fun to experience the premium economy seats on this aircraft.