To qualify for its top tier frequent flier status, Delta Airlines requires spending $15,000 on Delta tickets not including taxes and fees.  That is a lot of money for someone like me who is not flying on the company dime.  Thanks to a God-awful amount of rollover miles, I maintained my Diamond status because Delta waived the MQD requirement for those who spent $25,000 in a calendar year on its American Express credit cards.  Beginning in 2108, Delta raised the spend amount to $250,000.  Even though there is the possibility of a one-time waiver, you’ve got to be friggin’ kidding me!

As explained previously, another way to meet the Delta spend requirement is by flying a Delta SkyTeam partner and crediting the flights to Delta where the dollars are calculated on a percentage on the distance flown, not on the price paid for a ticket.

That was the reason for flying two round trips from ORD to LIM with stops in MEX in which I enjoyed, by and large, eight flights on AeroMexico 737-800s.  Each business-class ticket cost $536.  Those trips provided a great opportunity to try out AeroMexico’s seats and service on that plane.

AeroMexico 737-800 at MEX

(See this post for a review of AeroMexico’s MEX – CDG 787-9 Class Premier seat and service.)

AeroMexico 737-800 Class Premier 

737-800 Specifications

Here’s the information AeroMexico puts on its IFE system about the 737-800.  I trust this information more than the info on the website which says that the 737-800 cruises at 321 mph.20180111_092638_resized

 AeroMexico 737-800 Class Premier Seats and Cabin

These planes have 16 Class Premier business-class seats configured in a standard 2-2 fashion.  The seats have 39 inches of pitch and 21 inches of width.

Class premier cabin

Seat Features

Seats with IFE screen in armrest

These seats have footrests either incorporated into the seat or as a foot bar mounted on the seat in front.

I prefer the footrest on the seat in front because these type do not extend far enough for my legs to rest comfortably.

The 737-800s have IFE.  That is good.  Unfortunately the apparatus for it takes up almost all of the room under the seats.

Forget about stowing anything under the seat in front in most seats.

IFE is either mounted on the seat back or stowed in the armrest between seats.

2F at least has some room under the seat in front.
Video screen in the armrest.
A/V remote and seat controls

The headrest has multiple adjustments so finding a comfortable position should be easy.

Adjustable headrest and reading lights at each seat.

A/C power is provided at outlets between and below the seats.  USB power is on the video screen and/or at the seat.20180112_090018_resized

The longest flight is from MEX to LIM.  It is a little more than five hours and 2,600 miles.  These seats are comfortable enough for a flight of that duration.  Still, it is always nice to sit beside an empty seat.  Some of the flights were full in business class and others more than half empty.

I like sitting by the window for the views.  When there was someone sitting in the aisle seat, getting up for a bathroom break or stretching the legs was slightly awkward.  I had a seatmate on only a couple of flights.


AeroMexico manages an orderly boarding process.  It uses several lines that are clearly marked.  Boarding at ORD and LIM is the smoothest although they tend to ask passengers to line up as much as 20 minutes before boarding actually begins.

Boarding lanes at ORD T5

MEX Customs and Immigration

Connecting at MEX requires going through C & I.  That is normally not a big deal.  AeroMexico gives out forms onboard.  My experience was that MEX C & I was no big deal except for one early morning arrival when the line was absolutely horrendous.

I was not even at the back of the line when I took this photo.  MEX C & I is at the far end of the room.

It took almost 30 minutes to pass through, and that was after they let foreigners use the lines for Mexicans.

AeroMexico places helpful diagrams on the IFE system that will assist in navigating Terminal 2 on layovers.20180111_081112_resized20180111_075858_resized


Here are some of the more interesting sights while I was collecting mega Delta MQDs on this run.


Chicago skyline
Ice flows on Lake Michigan.  Cake hopping anyone?


Mexico City

20180111_131622 (1)
At an altitude of over 7,000 feet, Mexico City is surrounded by towering volcanoes.


Mexico City definitely has a smog problem.
Approach to MEX on a relatively clear morning.
The train that runs between terminals at MEX
Abandonned aircraft at the departure end of Runway 5L.



Overall Impression

For the money, this was a good way to get the MQDs necessary for Delta elite status.  AeroMexico Class Premier offers seats on the 737-800 that are slightly better than U.S. domestic first class seats in comfort and features.  Don’t count on storing backpacks under the seat in front because IFE boxes occupy just about all of the room under most business-class seats.

Next posts will cover the service on the flights, the AeroMexico lounge at MEX, the Sumaq lounge at LIM including the American Express Centurion Lounge at MEX Terminal 2.