Mexico City, Mexico’s Benito Juarez airport hosts three American Express Centurion lounges.  Two are in Terminal 1, and one is in Terminal 2.  Over the course of eight flights between ORD, MEX and Lima, Peru (LIM), I enjoyed visiting the lounge in Terminal 2 several times.

Location and Hours

The T2 lounge is not easy to get to.  It is located one floor above the AeroMexico VIP Salon Premier lounge.  Getting to the lounge can require climbing two flights of stairs.

There is an elevator.   After security, turn right and head towards Gates 52 – 62.  Just before turning to the gates take a flight of stairs up one level.  Continue ahead about 30 meters to the elevator.  This saves climbing only one flight of stairs, but at MEX’s elevation of more than 7,000 feet, avoiding exertion can be important.





After getting off the elevator, the lounge is to the left just around the corner.


The lounge opens at 05:00 and closes at 00:00.  Check in requires credit card, ID and boarding pass as usual.

Check-in area

I used the American Express Platinum card to check in.  It is possible that Amex Gold cardholders may also have access.  And of course Centurion cardholders are always welcome in the Centurion lounges.

On a first visit, ask the rep at check in to explain the options for food, beverages and spa services because this lounge operates differently than the U. S. Centurion lounges.


After checking in, the entrance to the lounge is via a curved passageway to the left of the check-in desk.

20180210_112825_resized (1)

The MEX T2 lounge is unlike the Centurion lounges in the U.S. in several ways.  For one, it is a two-story lounge.  The first floor serves primarily a restaurant and bar.

View of first floor from the second level
Lower level bar

The second level has another bar and lounge seating.

Upper level bar

The most relaxing seating is on the upper level.

Alcoves with power outlets overlook the lower level.
Upper level seating and TV

Food and Beverages

This lounge differs from Centurion lounges in the U.S. because there is no buffet.  Instead, all food is served restaurant style.  Waiters ask members to order from a free menu of light fare and a menu of more substantial dishes that come with a price.

On my first trip to this lounge, I had the free Margherita Pizza and chicken soup.

Chicken soup with vegetables and jasmine rice and pizza margherita

On morning visits, I tried the free breakfast options.

Scrambled eggs and ham, toast, and black beans
French toast and berry compote
Fresh fruit

All of the food I tried was very good although the pizza and soup were cool when served.

I never ordered anything that had an additional charge, but here are the menus:20180113_130735_resized20180113_130522_resized The prices are in Mexican pesos and are very reasonable for airport pricing.


Like some other Centurion lounges, the MEX T2 Centurion lounge has a spa.  But this spa offers a full range of spa services.20180202_14453020180210_07210020180202_144432

Appointments are required for massages and other services.  Unlike U.S. Centurion  lounges, here you can book appointments for multiple spa services when checking in.

Complimentary services include massages, and beard and bang cuts, and hand and toe nail treatments.  Free massages last 15 minutes.

The staff use a private room with a massage table.

Other spa services come at a charge.

Spa services menu

Platinum card holders get a 100 peso discount.  I had a manicure that lasted about 40 minutes.  It was more than worth 150 pesos.

A 40-minute manicure for $8.


This lounge has two showers.  They are spacious.20180210_072742_resized

There is a bench and an ottoman for sitting while changing clothes.

Shaving and dental supplies are available when requesting a shower.


One-size-fits-all slippers

The shower controls were easy to use and water temperature and pressure were fine.  I  find that taking a shower while I’m on a run always makes me feel better physically and emotionally.

Other Services

This lounge has excellent WiFi.  There are several information screens for keeping track of flights.  An employee also provides shoe shines in the lounge.

Overall Impression

On the eight-flight run for Medallion Qualification Dollars between ORD, MEX, and LIM, the American Express Centurion lounge in Terminal 2 was an oasis of good food and beverages, fast WiFi, and relaxing spa services.  This lounge was much better than the AeroMexico Salon VIP lounge at MEX or the current Sumaq Priority Pass lounge at LIM that will be remodeled and expanded in 2018.