There are some places where bad food is simply not tolerated.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia seems to be one of those places.  From street food to high-class restaurants, the people of Kuala Lumpur demand, and get, food of the highest quality.

Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur in particular offers a cornucopia of food from all over the world.  So I should not have been surprised to find that the THAI Royal Silk Lounge at KUL followed the local tradition.

Lounge Location, Hours and Services

The lounge is located in the Satellite Terminal inside security one floor above the concourse.  It is open from 07:00 to 21:30 daily.  The lounge has free wifi, a buffet of hot and cold entrees and snacks, a self-service bar, newspapers and magazines, TV, and internet terminals.


This lounge appears to have a capacity of no more than 100.  There is one long room behind the check-in desk that overlooks some of the gates and runways.

Main seating area

The seats are comfortable but electrical outlets are hard to find.  The best bet for power is to sit in the seats by the windows.

The portion of the seating area to the right as one enters the lounge has TVs.

Main seating area with TVs

The business center is immediately to the left of the entrance.20180216_003213_resized

A private seating area is situated just past the business center.

Area reserved for first-class passengers

Seating in the lounge is very comfortable but nothing to write home about.  What made this lounge visit special was the food.


I spent a few hours in this lounge and tried the food for breakfast and lunch.

Scrambled eggs and stir fried bee hoon, a famous dish from Singapore
Curry puffs and tomato ham quiche

The quality of the breakfast foods was very good.  Lunch was even better.

Barley Tong Sui and Corn Chowder
Assorted finger sandwiches, crumble butter cake, and salads with various dressings.
Mushrooms, tofu, and oyster gavy and ginger chicken
Rice and a tasty pasta dish
Prawn mee

Pictures cannot convey how good the food tasted.  It was evident that a lot of care and skill had gone into the preparation.  When lunch was served, the chef inspected all of the dishes as a final seal of approval.

The chef making his rounds


The lounge has a good but limited assortment of alcoholic beverages.20180216_001848_resized

Soft drinks and beer are also self served from a cooler in the buffet aara.

Soft drink cooler

Other Services

This lounge has wifi with good speed.  It also has newspapers and magazines in a variety of languages.  Presently, the lounge is undergoing renovations and there are no bathrooms or showers inside.  That will be corrected sometime in mid 2018.

Overall Impression

This lounge, like many Thai Royal Silk lounges, won’t garner your admiration as far as decor, privacy, or availability of electrical outlets.  On the other hand, this lounge unexpectedly knocked off my socks because of the delicious buffet.  I’m no food critic, but it was very, very good, and I wasn’t particularly hungry.