When I booked this flight I knew from the seat map that business-class seats were arranged in a state of the art 1-2-1 configuration.  What I didn’t know was that Singapore Airlines refitted 777-200ERs had such a outstanding business-class seat.  In fact, this seat is the best business-class seat I’ve ever seen.

Singapore Airlines 777-200ER business class

Singapore Airlines Refitted 777-200ER  BKK – SIN


Boarding at Gate E1 for the scheduled 21:10 departure was slightly delayed.  After a few minutes in the Thai Royal Orchid lounge, boarding began at 21:00.   Stepping on to the plane, I was immediately impressed.

Business Class Cabin and Seat Features

Singapore has refitted nine of its 20 777-200ERs with fantastic business-class seats.  These aircraft have 26 of them in one cabin just aft of the forward exits.  All seats have direct aisle access.

20180306_191340_resized_1 (1)
SQ 777-200ER business cabin

SeatGuru says each seat has 76 inches of pitch, the distance between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front.  The key stat is each seat is – hold on to your butts – 30 inches wide.

My seat, 15K, a window seat on the starboard side.


All middle section seats have good separation while still allowing conversation with a seatmate.

These seats are huge.  They are comparable to first-class seats.  One of the best first-class seats flying is the Etihad First Class Apartment, a seat that is truly worthy of term “suite.”  The seat on Singapore’s refitted 777-200ER resembles the seat in the First Class Apartment in comfort and appearance and is actually 0.5 inches wider than one of the best first-class seats in the world.

Seat in Etihad”s outstanding A380 First Class Apartments

The first order of business was to explore this seat that I was seeing for the first time.  The rich leather and soft cushioning reminded me of the enormous Lincoln Continentals my father liked to drive in the ’70s and ’80s.  It feels like you can melt into the seat.  In a word – sumptuous.

The ottoman is positioned to the right of the video screen.  To reach it, one must turn diagonally slightly.

The ottoman is large but not directly in front of the seat.

This seat has a plethora of other features that set it apart from more pedestrian business-class seats.  There is abundant storage in several storage spaces.

Compartments on the right side of the video screen.
There are more compartments to the left of the screen.

Below the video screen is a compartment for shoes or a small bag.20171106_211117_resized

The console is located by the window.  It houses the video remote, seat controls, magazines, another place to set beverages and snacks, and another storage compartment.


The video remote and seat controls are concealed under a flap on the console.

The video remote tells the age of this seat.

Reading lights with variable illumination are built into both sides of the seat near the headrest.20180304_184706


Due to the short flight, BKK and SIN are separated by only 876 miles, there was no amenity kit or pjs.  We were provided with slippers and very nice noise-cancelling headsets though.20180304_184352

Pre-Departure Service

While I explored the seat, FAs offered newspapers, hot towels, menus, and beverages.

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Departure

We pushed from the gate at 21:23.  The FAs dimmed the cabin lights about 10 minutes later as we taxied to the active runway.   Many airlines no longer darken the cabin before a night takeoff or landing.  Doing so is a safety precaution to adjust vision to low light in case of a loss of cabin lighting in an emergency.

At 21:37, SQ 981 departed BKK Runway 01L (Zero One Left), a runway 4,000 meters long.  The dark cabin allowed me to video the takeoff.


20180303_115952 (1)

Cruise and In-Flight Service

Meal Service

About 35 minutes after takeoff, the diner service began with hot towels and beverages. 20171121_100438_resized

Menus had been provided before takeoff.  I ordered the braised lamb shank.  That dish was exclusively created by Zhu Jun of Jade Garden restaurant in Shanghai, if anyone is interested. 20180304_185613_resized

There was a good assortment of quality alcoholic beverages.20180303_112853

Another beverage service preceded the meal. 20180303_120739

Dinner was served from a cart on a linen-covered tray.  All three courses were presented at once due to the short duration of the flight.   20180303_120601_resized

Smoked ham salad with mesclun leaves and balsamic dressing, lamb shank au jus with mushrooms, snap peas, carrots and jasmine rice, vanilla yogurt trifle with orange compote

Everything was delicious, and the FA service was professional and caring.  I assume they followed to the letter Singapore Airlines detailed specifications for serving and presenting the meal.


After dinner I watched a movie, relaxed and perused the in-flight magazine..

The seat was wide enough that turning slightly to the ottoman was no problem.

This was the most comfortable business-class seat I can recall.20171121_101316_resized


Although there was no amenity kit on this short flight, the bathroom revealed a lot about Singapore Airline’s commitment to the passenger experience and comfort.

A fragrant and colorful flower is a nice touch
Hand lotion as well as soap
Washcloths instead of paper towels, fragrances and other applications for the face
Dental kits, shaving kits and other stuff

Singapore Airlines also provides the Berlitz langue learning system on the in-flight entertainment system.  Picking up a few words and phrases in the local language is very helpful.  I wish all airlines had this feature.


I wanted to see what the seat looked like in bed mode so about 50 minutes before landing I asked the FA to convert one of the middle seats to a bed.

Middle seat converted to a spacious bed, The only drawback is the seat must be manually converted.

The in-flight magazine has a complete listing of the Singapore Airlines fleet.  It is noteworthy that Singapore Airlines flies only wide-body aircraft.  In March 2018, Singapore Airlines took delivery of the first 787-10 to enter airline service.20180304_191519_resized

In the next three or four years, Singapore Airlines will add 49 A350-900s, 26 777-9s, and 55 787-10s to its already very modern fleet.  I hope that the 777-200ERs with these fantastic seats are not slated to be retired in favor of the new aircraft.

SIN Arrival

Descent began just after 23:00.  We landed at SIN at 23:40 on Runway 09L (Zero Nine Left) and parked at Terminal 3 Gate A20.

Singapore Airlines 777-200ER at SIN

Overall Impression

Singapore Airlines has the reputation of being one of the world’s best, if not the best, airlines in the world.  This flight lived up to that reputation in every respect, and the seat ranks as the best business-class seat I’ve flown even though it lacks a door and some of the bells and whistles of newer seats I’ve tried.