ICN’s beautiful and efficient Terminal 2 opened on January 18, 2018 (just in time for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics).  Priority Pass offers three great lounge choices there to  complement the four Korean Air lounges (one first class, two business class (Prestige) and one Morning Calm).

ICN Terminal 2

After visiting the “new and improved” Korean Air Prestige Lounge West, I made a quick tour of the Terminal 2 Priority Pass lounges.   This would complete The Great Seoul/Incheon (ICN) Priority Pass Lounge Crawl through all now 11 Priority Pass lounges at ICN.  This post reviews the East Korean Air Prestige Lounge.

The crawl began last year with reviews of the five Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 1 and the three Priority Pass lounges in the Concourse Terminal.  ICN is such a great  airport, though, that it is possible to have an enjoyable long layover without visiting a lounge.  Lounges?…We Don’t Need No Stinking Lounges! The Great Seoul/Incheon (ICN) Priority Pass Lounge Crawl Part 3.  

Matina Lounge

I’ll save the suspense and start the review with the Matina Lounge, the best of the three lounges.  Like all Terminal 2 lounges, the Matina Lounge is located one level above the concourse.  An escalator near Gate 252 leads to the entrance.

Terminal 2 Matina Lounge entrance

The Matina Lounge is located adjacent to the transit hotel in Terminal 2.  This lounge operates from 07:00 to 21:00 daily.  It is a fairly small lounge that seats 70.  The Matina Lounge and transit hotel are operated by the Walkerhill Hotel & Resort.  Only passengers departing Terminal 2 can access Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 2.

Walkerhill also runs a Matina Gold Lounge next door.  The Gold Lounge has better food, fancier decor, and showers but it is not a Priority Pass lounge.  Admission is $50.

Food and Beverages

As with the Matina Lounges in Terminal 1, the best attribute of the Terminal 2 Matina Lounge is the food.

Hot entree buffet


Walkerhill provides a menu of typical items on its website.

Appetizer – Smoked salmon & caper sauce
Grilled beef with sweet rice & vegetables
Assorted olives flavored with lemon and feta cheeses
And five others

Hot Meal – Fire-grilled boiled beef or pork slices, Potato pancakes with rucola
Grilled pork belly with perilla leaves, And seven others

Order Meal – Bibimbap (4 kinds of vegetables, 2 kinds of side dishes)

Beverages – Draft beer, wine, coffee, green tea/ginseng tea and soda (no liquor)

I would love to try the Bibimbap.

Cooler for beverages
Hot beverages and noodles I think

Dining Area

Appropriately, most of the space in the lounge is devoted to food – its best attribute.

Large dining area

The lounge was busy but not crowded.  Popularity is a good sign although this lounge probably gets a lot of business through the transit hotel.  The maximum stay is three hours.


Seating in the Terminal 1 Matina lounges is mostly tables and chairs.  The Terminal 2 lounge has very nice seating.

After a meal or snack there are accommodations for relaxing or working.


Other Features and Services

Other services include WiFi, flight monitors, private rooms (transit hotel) for a fee, children’s area, newspapers and magazines, TV, and printers and copiers.

Children’s play area

Bathrooms and a smoking room are located outside the lounge.  There are no showers.

The Matina lounge overlooks the Terminal 2 concourse.

Lounge L.

Hours and Location

Lounge L. is located near Gate 247 above the exit from security for connecting flights.  It is part of the concession division of Lotte GRS.  Lotte is entering the airport lounge business here and at Seoul’s Gimpo airport (GMP).  It is always nice to see more competition in the lounge business.

The concourse level after exiting security.  Lounge L. is on the fourth level next to the Transfer Lounge.
Take the escalator to the 4th level.  Lounge L. is on the left past the transfer lounge and desk.

The lounge is open from 07:00 to 22:00.  No guests are included with Priority Pass admission, but children under three are admitted free.20180521_010111_resized

Lounge L. overlooks the concourse, gates and flight line near Gate 247.

Lounge view. The name on the signs appears to be incorrect.


There are several types of seating in this small lounge.

Private workstations


Food and Beverages

Food includes hot entrees, soup, salad etc.  Alcoholic beverages are beer, wine and liquor allegedly although no liquor was available when I was there.20180521_010346_resized

Other Services

Other services and features include flight information, WiFi,  conference room, fax, printer and copier, TV, and newspapers and magazines.  Bathrooms are outside, and there are no showers.

I think this small lounge would be most useful during a flight delay at a nearby gate.

SPC Lounge

Hours and Location

This lounge is located near Gate 268.  It is open from 07:00 to 21:00.  I entered right at opening and was the only customer there.


The lounge is small but well designed with several separate areas of comfortable and attractive seating.20180520_234511_resized



There are recliners in a small alcove that looks like a good spot for semi-private rest.


The TV room is a little strange in that the seats do not face the TV.20180520_233514_resized

The luggage room is just inside the entrance.20180520_234826

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages include hot options, soup and a small salad bar and snacks.

Staff had not completed setting up the food offerings.

The SPC Lounge has some fairly unique food options such as bibimbap and ice cream.  Alcoholic beverages were beer and wine and a couple of bottles of liquor.

Other Services

Other features of this lounge are free WiFi, flight monitors, and a conference room (for a fee).  There are no bathrooms or showers inside; however, there must be a place in Terminal 2 for transit passengers to shower just as in Terminals 1 and the Concourse.

 Overall Ratings

As stated, the Matina Lounge is the best Priority Pass lounge at ICN Terminal 2.  The food is slightly better than the Matina Lounges in Terminal 1.  And the Terminal 2 Matina lounge has comfortable seating that the Terminal 1 Matina Lounges lack.  The SPC Lounge is overall very similar to the Sky Hub lounges (T1)except the SPC Lounge has bibimbap and ice cream and is newer.  The Sky Hub Lounges are better than Lounge L. which is still a pleasant spot to wait for a flight.

So as a group I think Terminal 2 has the best Priority Pass lounges followed by the Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 1 and lastly the Priority Pass lounges in the Concourse Terminal.

Of course, these ratings change if you are flying Asiana Airlines.  Then Priority Pass gives you access to the Asiana Business Class Lounges in Terminal 1 and the Concourse Terminal.  Those lounges are the best Priority Pass lounges at ICN without a doubt even though the food in the Matina Lounge is marginally better.

Have you done an ICN lounge crawl or have thoughts on any of these lounges?