For a long time the Grand Hyatt Erawan was the only Hyatt hotel in Bangkok.  Soon there will be four, but the Grand Hyatt remains the best of the lot in my book.  That includes the recently opened Park Hyatt.

A couple of years ago, I had enjoyed a stay in a Grand Hyatt standard king room.  For this stay, my request at booking for a suite upgrade was denied, so at check in I was surprised when the rep said I had been assigned to a Spa Cottage.  I had no idea there was such a thing.

We took the elevator to the third floor, and then she led me outside and past the pool.  My curiosity about this room was deepening.

Grand Hyatt Spa Cottage

Spa Cottages are on the pool level outside the main hotel structure.

There are six cottages grouped at the far end of the pool.

Spa Cottages

The cottages are large – 100 square meters.  Each cottage has four rooms, living room, bedroom, large bathroom and a room for spa treatments.  I gladly accepted the rep’s offer for an explanatory tour.  We started with the spa room since it was the part of the cottage I was least familiar with.

Spa Treatment Room

The spa room comes with its own massage table and supplies for various spa treatments.

Professional massage table and closets for towels, sheets and other massage supplies
Marble double vanity
Refrigerator, coffee maker, and massage supplies

Even though the cottage was ideal for a private massage from a spa masseuse, I passed because the price was significantly higher than massages that are commonly available in Bangkok although in less luxurious surroundings.

Spa Cottage Bath

The bath is also quite large.  Its main features are a soaking tub and large walk-in shower.

Soaking tub with candles and remote controlled TV

The shower doubles as a steam room.

Walk-in shower one of the steam outlets visible under the bench
Steam room control

A hotel room with it own steam room is rare.  This one worked great.

The bath is stocked with robes slippers and the usual Grand Hyatt June Jacobs amenities.


Living Room and Entry

The hotel places umbrellas and hats in the entry (or exit) hall.

Having hats and umbrellas in the room is a good idea because the walk to the main building is uncovered.  I was staying during a rainy period in Bangkok.

The entry leads to the living room, which is furnished with a sofa, rocking chair, desk, bookcases, table and large wall-mounted TV.20180713_202013


The king-sized bed dominates the bedroom which also has a comfy window seat overlooking a garden.20171031_220553 (1)

The bed seemed to be larger and more comfortable than other king beds at Hyatt hotels.  I think those impressions were due to the bed’s unique headboard and footboard.20180713_201512

My only suggestion would be to have a larger TV in the bedroom.

Overall Impression

What a pleasant surprise!  Everything about the cottage was amazing. Perhaps with the exception of the villa at the Park Hyatt Hadahaa, Maldives, the Spa Cottage was probably the best “room” I’ve ever had at a Hyatt hotel.  Perhaps this was a fitting “parting gift” because the World of Hyatt program changes will cause me to significantly cut back on Hyatt stays going forward.