The great thing about collecting frequent-flyer miles, frequent-guest points, and points from credit-card sing-up bonuses and spend is that it let’s people experience the luxuries of travel that would otherwise be out of practical reach.

That was the case with an around- the-world journey in which I was able to fly first class on Asiana Airlines and Singapore Airlines and business class on Singapore’s new 787-10 and Qatar Airlines’ 777-300 with Q Suites, the most luxurious business-class experience in the sky.

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Asiana Airlines Flight 221 JFK to ICN

Scheduled departure:  13:55

Equipment:  Airbus 380-800

Great-circle distance:  6,906 miles

Flight distance (est.):  7,268 miles

Travel time (est.):  13 hours 24 minutes

Swiss Air Lounge

The lounge Asiana uses for first class at JFK was the worst part of the trip.  This lounge has lousy food and beverages.  The only electrical outlets are at a work table or in a small quiet room with nice recliners that the sun turned into a hot house.  This lounge is below average for businesses class much less first class.  The side of the lounge Swiss Air uses apparently only for its first-class passengers was closed, but it didn’t look much better.

The Swiss Air lounge at JFK.


Boarding was through Gate A6 in Terminal 4.  Boarding and the gate area were better than at most US airports but not up to ICN standards.20180918_063925

First class occupies the forward part of the A380 lower deck.  Economy is behind it.  Gate A6 has two jet bridges.  One each for the two decks.  Economy passengers had to pass through first class to get to their seats on the lower deck.  There are 417 economy seats.  Most of them are on the lower deck.  That’s a lot of folks walking through first class.

Asiana four holer at JFK Terminal 4 Gate A6

Some favor changing the order and have premium passengers board last.  I like it as is.  The extra time in a first- or business-class seat allows time for pre-departure service, getting familiar with all bells and whistles, and settling in.  When flying economy, the less time I spend in a tiny seat the better.

First Class Cabin And Seat

There are 12 first-class seats arranged 1-2-1 in three rows.  Pitch is 84 inches.  Bed length is 81 inches.  Seats are just over 25 inches wide.  Each seat is a suite with doors that close for privacy.

First-class cabin

The only disappointing part of the cabin was the tiny A380 windows.

Seat Features

Exploring the features of a new seat is always a pleasure.  This seat had a lot to explore.

Seat 1A, a window seat on the port side in the first row.

I prefer window seats for the view.  Also, they usually have extra room between the seat and the wall that center seats lack.   Although this seat is in the first row, it is not near the lavatories or galley.

In addition to the seat itself, the major features of the suite are a long narrow console opposite the entry door, ottoman, a large video screen and the doors.  A backpack or camera case fit easily under the ottoman.  The ottoman has a seat belt.  A friend or associate in first class can join for a chat or a meal.  20180918_104442

The console contains a lighted enclosed storage compartment with, USB port, a covered A/V remote, and connections for headphones as well as the huge tray table.  The A/C outlet is inconveniently located at floor level near the ottoman.

Storage compartment.  There is another one forward of the tray table.
A/V remote. You must get the hang of it because you can’t reach the screen when seated.

The seat controls are in a removable pad mounted on the wall by the suite entrance.

Seat, lighting and privacy controls

A wardrobe is built into the wall forward of the suite entrance.

Lighted closet with vanity mirror


First class comes with many amenities.  A small pillow and light blanket were on the seat at boarding.  A quilt and large pillow for use in bed mode were on the ottoman.

The space between the console and the windows is a good place for the bedding when not in use.

Other amenities included slippers, noise-cancelling headphones and an amenity kit.

Slippers, headphones, and amenity kit.
The kit contains a variety of Salvatore Ferragamo amenities

Asiana also provides pajamas, of course.20180903_133115

Pre-departure Service

The service at the gate included  introductions and welcoming remarks from the cabin manager and first-class flight attendants.  The FAs took orders for non-alcoholic beverages and handed out pajamas.  They delivered beverages with nuts in a bowl.  Just before push back, the cabin crew performed the traditional welcome bow.


Push back was exactly at 13:55 as scheduled.  When sitting in a seat like this one the excitement and anticipation of a great flight make push back, taxi and takeoff one of the best parts of the flight.

Takeoff was at 14:23 on JFK’s primary runway, Runway 13R (One Three Right).  It was a great day for flying.

13R – grooved concrete 14,511′ long and 200′ wide.  This runway is only 500′ shorter than the one  used for space shuttle landings at Kennedy Space Center.  The arrows indicate a displaced threshold and mark the portion of a runway suitable for takeoff but not landing.  

The fully fueled A380’s takeoff roll ate up over half of 13R’s length.  We rotated just before reaching Terminal 4.  The A380 external cameras provide great views of takeoff and landing for those not sitting by a window.

In Flight Service

International first-class service on a major Asian airline is always impressive.  OZ Flight 221 was true to form.


Menus were extensive.  Click photos to expand.



White wines:

Red wines:

Dessert wines:

First Meal Service20180918_120437

20180918_120650 (1)

The first meal service is always the most elaborate.  It began 20 minute after takeoff when the attendants took meal orders and passed out hot towels.  I preferred the western starters but, not having Korean food in a long time, the kalbi was very tempting for the entree.  The attendant was very accommodating and said I could have both.  That’s the kind of flexibility that makes first class first class.

Canapes and Johnie Walker Blue at 15:08
Warm bread and a rose at 15:20
Caviar was served right after bread.

The king crab salad and mushroom soup were so good I almost finished them before remembering to get photos.

Mixed greens followed at 16:0020180903_160028

As if those courses weren’t filling enough, the Korean entree was served next at 16:17.

Bibimbap, kalbi, ponchon (a variety of side dishes) and miso soup.
Chateau Fleur Cardinale Grand Cru Classe 2013 complemented the meal

Bibimbap is a simple but delicious dish where the ingredients in the bowl are mixed together with rice and a spicy red paste.  Other than portion size and presentation, this dish is pretty much the same as is served in business or economy class.  Together with the kalbi and ponchon the entree was quite filling and satisfied my need for a Korean food fix.

Desert came next at 16:40.

Fruit, cheese and porto

As if that wasn’t more than enough incredibly delicious food for one meal, the attendant offered coffee and petit fours at 16:55.  I settled for coffee.

Lavatories and Bed

While I changed into pajamas, the flight attendant made the bed.   The first-class lav is located on the starboard side.  It is one of the largest I’ve seen on a plane.  It is even bigger than the first class bathroom with a shower on Etihad A380s20180918_232431

The toilet is under what becomes a small couch when the seat is lowered.

Given how comfortable the suites are, I’m not sure why anyone would want to rest in the bathroom.

Asiana stocked the lavatory with Verveine amenities for hands, body, and face and dental and shaving supplies.

First-class passengers can also use a smaller bathroom located on the stairway to the flight deck.

This bathroom is for the crew.  Passengers can use it too.

The bed is extremely comfortable.

The mattress, quilt and pajamas that are made of thicker material than most airline sleepwear ensure that everyone stays warm.  I took the pjs with me and will use them  for lounge wear at home this winter.

Mid-flight Refreshment


Instead of trying a refreshment, mid flight I accepted the offer of champagne and light snacks to go with a movie.

Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs

Arrival Meal

I ordered the arrival meal about three hours before landing since I skipped the refreshments. This is what was offered.



Having gone with the Korean option for the first meal service, I chose the beef burguignon and was very pleased.

A hearty and delicious caprese salad appetizer
Beef burguignon prepared medium rare with potatoes au gratin and broccoli

Cheesecake and coffee were the the fitting conclusion to this “snack” as Asiana calls it.20180920_044636

Seoul/Incheon Arrival

The flight landed at ICN at 16:58 local time.  It had been a spectacular 13 hours and 33 minutes of pure enjoyment.  After flights like this I hate to get off.  But I was also looking forward to spending time in the Asiana First Class Lounge and the up-coming flight to Singapore in first class on Singapore Airlines.

ICN Terminal 1

Overall Impression

It had been a while since I had flown first class on a premier airline.  Having flown numerous long-haul flights in economy and premium economy over the years, I always feel privileged to fly business class.  The difference between business class and economy  is night and day.

Spending 14 hours in Asiana Airlines first-class suite was a pleasant dose of reality that the difference between business class and first class can be equally as stark.  While the gap between business class and first class is normally huge, choosing one premier carrier’s first class over another is often a matter of splitting hairs and personal preference.

One area where comparisons are more easily made is the seat or hard product, and even that depends not only the airline but the plane and sometimes even the seat.   Of all of the Asian airlines that I’ve flown in first class, being an enclosed suite, the Asiana first-class seat tops the list.  China Southern’s A380 has a similar suite.  I flew it domestically from Guangzhou to Beijing.  It was a great flight but not long enough even with Chinese ATC delays to make a fair comparison.   The Cathay Pacific 777-300, Korean Air 777-300, and Japan Airlines 777-300 first-class flights had large and comfortable seats but no door.

The Etihad A380 First Class Apartment is the largest, most comfortable and most private first-class seat I’ve experienced.  However, if asked what my favorite first-class is to fly, I’d say whichever one I’m flying today.