Since opening in 2014, Qatar Airways’ Al Mourjan lounge has been rated as one of the world’s best business-class lounges.  At 10,000 square meters this lounge is unquestionably one of the largest lounges in the world.

In Arabic Al Mourjan means coral.  The name seemed strange because at first I didn’t see what coral and this lounge had in common.  I now think the name is appropriate because this lounge and coral are both known for great variety and beauty.

Al Mourjan lounge is located one floor above the concourse level in the center of Al Hamad International Airport (DOH), Qatar Airways home base.  An escalator leads to the lounge.  Before going up, an agent checks boarding passes to ensure no riff raff get a look.  The lounge is open 24/7.

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Al Mourjan Lounge Access, Location and Hours

Complimentary access is limited to passengers flying in first or business class on Qatar or other Oneworld airlines.  But if you are flying in first class you would be better off in the exquisite Al Safwa first class lounge.  Al Safwa admission is complimentary for first class passengers.  Qatar business class passengers can purchase access to the Al Safwa lounge for about $165.  Also Qatar economy passengers can purchase admission  to the Al Mourjan lounge for $125.  Access can be purchased online, at check in, at Qatar ticket offices, and through certain travel agents.  Strangely, it seems admission cannot be purchased at the lounge.

Check-in desk. Assistance with flights and other air travel related issues is provided.

Al Mourjan lounge is located one floor above the concourse level in the center of Al Hamad International Airport, Qatar Airways home base. An escalator leads to the lounge. Before going up, an agent checks boarding passes to ensure no riff raff get a look. The lounge is open 24/7.

Seating Areas

This lounge is enormous — larger than 10 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  The lounge is essentially one giant rectangular room broken up into smaller seating, sleeping and food service areas. There are multiple expansive and stylish areas for passing the time before flight.  Splashes of color accent the bronze color scheme.  Here are photos of some of the seating areas:   20181220_002552 20181215_161623 (1) 20180916_072026 (2) 20181215_162733

Even when near capacity the lounge is big enough that passengers still enjoy a good deal of personal space in the seating areas.

Tablets providing internet access and flight and airport information are available at many seats.  The lounge and airport maps can be very helpful.

Al Mourjan Lounge is full of interesting art and architecture.  The walls are engraved with examples of ancient calligraphy.

20181215_162333 (1)
The reflecting pool and staircase to mezzanine are the features I like the most.

Sleeping Facilities

Arriving around midnight and departing on a flight around 09:00, I was very interested in finding a place to sleep.  Qatar’s website indicated that hotel rooms might be available for business-class passengers with long layovers.  I asked at the lounge check-in desk.  The rep said that I was ineligible for that because there was another connecting flight leaving earlier than mine but said the lounge had quiet area with lounge chairs.

In fact I found several areas that are perfect for catching up on   a little shut eye.

20181215_161045 (1)
Near the showers at the rear of the lounge are about 12 private cubicles with comfortable chairs and flight monitors. The cubicles were all being used.

Staff directed me to another area with nice lounge chairs in a semi-secluded setting. 20181215_161353 (1)

The attendant provided a blanket and also asked about a wake up call.  Passengers using this area are asked to leave boarding passes where attendants can see them.  The lounge makes no flight announcements.

20181215_161316 (1)
I slept here for a few hours. These areas have electrical outlets, too so devices can charge while sleeping or working.


Al Mourjan has two dining areas.  The main dining areas are on the mezzanine.  A sweeping staircase leads the way.  The mezzanine offers continental or oriental brasseries, a deli, and patisserie buffets plus a bar with a selection of alcoholic beverages for a business-class lounge.20181220_00272320181215_16191620181215_162209 (1)

Another dining area on the main level provides mostly a la carte service.

Main level a la carte dining area.

As far as sandwiches, the menus here were the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


20181215_160953 (2)

Family Rooms

Rooms with TVs, couches and game rooms with pinball and PlayStation systems have been set aside for families with young children.

20181215_161710 (1)
Family room with video game systems and Formula 1 simulator


One of the most useful facilities in any lounge in an international hub is the showers.  No matter what cabin I’m flying in, a shower always makes a long flight more comfortable physically and psychologically.  This lounge has showers in two locations.   Check both locations to see which one has the shortest wait time, if any.  I waited less than 10 minutes for a shower to become available.

These shower facilities are better than average for a business lounge.  There is more than enough room to change, shower and shave without feeling cramped.20181215_162828 (1)

All lounge shower rooms should have toilets.
I like having a handheld shower head as well as one that is fixed.

20181215_163202 (2)

20181215_162911 (1)
The attendant provides dental and shaving supplies upon request.

Other Services and Features

This lounger has a large business center with conference rooms, work table, computers, printers, copiers and fax machines.20181220_002254

Other services include free WiFi, flight monitors, newspapers and magazines in several languages, and a smoking room.  Electrical outlets are as plentiful as the seating.

Overall Impression

Al Mourjan Lounge is an outstanding business-class lounge.  The décor and architectural features are stunning.  The quality and variety of food and beverages are impressive.  It is certainly the largest airport lounge I’ve visited.  The shear size of this lounge can be intimidating and may be its only negative feature.  The lounge is so big and has so many features that lounge tours would be helpful.

My suggestion for anyone visiting for the first time and wanting to get the most from their time in the lounge (in addition to first reading this review and a couple of others before arriving) is to just take 10 -15 minutes walking around and exploring.   Of course the staff is the best source of information.  Ask them any questions and also check out the lounge map on the tablets to get your bearings.