Charlotte, NC is the second largest hub of the largest airline in the world, American Airlines.  There is a lot of American traffic through CLT but only two Admirals clubs.  One is between the C  and D Concourses.  The other is on the B Concourse.  The C Concourse lounge is nearly 10 times the size of the B Concourse lounge.

For the last few years, American has been renovating and remodeling many of its most important lounges.  But in spite of the amount of passengers through CLT, the C club is not scheduled for any renovations and the B club just recently reopened after being one of the last to see improvements.  It finally reopened a few weeks ago.  This review shows the fruits of the remodelling efforts.

The entrance to the lounge remains near Gate B3.  Upon entering through the new glass doors patrons will see that this lounge has been updated with the new, standard Admirals Club decor and layout features.

Check-in desks to the left
Flight monitors and luggage closest to the right

The lounge occupies the same space as before.  It has been reorganized so that the primary seating areas are on the right and the food service area, bar and restrooms are to the left.

The seating area now incorporates the standard decor; however the space is small.  Even though this lounge serves primarily passengers on the B Concourse only, it is destined to be crowded most of the day.20190329_15135020190329_15125220190329_105429 (1)

The biggest improvements are in the bar and food service areas.  They have been expanded at the expense of seating.

The new bar is larger and prettier than the old one.
There was no real food service area in the old lounge. This area is a big improvement.

There are now better views of the tarmac and workstations directly overlooking the ramp.20190329_152155

New restrooms have been installed at the far left past the workstations.20190329_15224420190329_152405

Overall Impression

American has done a nice job of finally bring at least one of its Charlotte lounges in line with the new Admirals Club decor.  Unfortunately, the lack of space at CLT prevented expanding the size of the lounge.  According to agents in the lounge, that lack of airport space means there are no current plans to remodel the much larger C Concourse lounge.  That lounge deserves the same type of makeover as well as the addition of showers.