I have five pass codes for free access to the CLEAR biometric identification system used at some airport security locations in the United States.

Those with TSA PreCheck can also enjoy CLEAR to speed even faster through the full airport security and screening process.  If you are TSA PreCheck eligible for your flight, visit the CLEAR Lane and verify your identity.  CLEAR reads your TSA PreCheck eligibility on your boarding pass and a representative escorts you to the TSA PreCheck expedited lanes for physical screening.

CLEAR and TSA PreCheck are sold separately.  It is not necessary to have TSA PreCheck to use CLEAR.  CLEAR expedites the travel document check process while TSA PreCheck expedites the physical screening process.  Many find that these two services complement each other providing the quickest, surest route through the airport entire security and screening experience.

Visit the where we are page before your next flight to see all locations, including many sports stadiums, where CLEAR Lanes are situated.

CLEAR is one of the best perks of being Diamond in Delta’s frequent flyer program.  It has saved me lots of time as even the lines at TSAPre have gotten longer.

Note:  Cancel your CLEAR membership before the end of your three-month free trail to avoid being charged for an additional annual membership.  Depending on your frequency of use, continued membership may be a good deal for you.

To get CLEAR free for three months respond in the comments below by May 28, 2019, and I will email a code to the first five responders.  Then you will enroll in an easy and quick process at the airport during your first use.  Enjoy!