The Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge is the best lounge available to passengers departing from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) on domestic flights.  This lounge is a member of the Priority Pass system.  Priority Pass operates a worldwide network of more than 1,100 airport lounges and restaurants.  BKK boasts 14 of them.  But until just over one year ago when the Blue Ribbon lounge joined, departing domestic passengers had no lounge access unless they were flying on Thai or Bangkok Airways.

Location And Hours

The blue Ribbon Lounge is located on Level 2 of the A Concourse across from Gate A3.    It is next to Bangkok Airways Boutique lounge (review upcoming). The lounge is open from 04:30 to 22:00 daily.

Blue Ribbon Lounge entrance

It is nice that you can reach this lounge without going through security – a baording pass is all that is necessary to access Concourse A.  On the other hand, even though the lounge is located just across the corridor from Gate A3, it can take 10 to 15 minutes or more to get from the Blue Ribbon Lounge to the domestic gates.

That is because the security checkpoint for all domestic flights is located one level above in another area of Concourse A.  Just walking from the lounge to the security checkpoint might take about five minutes.


Members of Priority Pass Select plus one guest can use this lounge for up to three hours.  Children under two are free.  Don’t be discouraged that there is no Priority Pass signage at the lounge entrance.  Just show your Priority Pass card, boarding pass, and ID upon entering.

Business class passengers on Bangkok Airways and elite members of its Flyer Bonus frequent-flyer program also have access.  Anyone else can purchase access for up to two hours for $28.  Purchase access through the LoungeBuddy app or at check in.

Adding this lounge to the Priority Pass system works for Priority Pass and Bangkok Airways.  Bangkok Airways does not have a large number of domestic business-class passengers or elites in its frequent flyer program.  Joining Priority Pass gives it a chance to earn revenue on an underutilized asset and advertises the airline to passengers on other carriers.  (Bangkok Airways is a great airline b/t/w.)  Priority Pass fills a void for its members where a lounge was sorely needed.


Seating Areas

Paraphrasing Daniel Webster’s comment about his alma mater — It is a small lounge, but there are those who love it.  The Blue Ribbon Lounge boasts several charming and comfortable seating areas.  Most seating is in a room to the right of the check-in desk.

A circular couch in the center of the room dominates this seating area.
Couches and chairs like might be found in a living room are arranged along the walls.


At the back of the main room is a small section with more seating, TVs and free massage chairs.  There is an unenforced 15-minute limit on using the massage chairs.


To the left of the check-in desk is a smaller seating area with a conference table.

20190507_221833 (1)

20190507_221745 (1)

This room is the best spot for a little peace and quiet.  It is farther from the food and beverages however.

Food and Beverages

The Blue Ribbon Lounge offers a variety of snacks including small sandwiches wrapped in plastic, fruit, soup, desserts, and a la carte dishes made to order.


A la carte items as well as beer and wine are served at the window pictured below.  Place your order with a member of the staff who is usually nearby.


The a la carte options are fairly standard but change occasionally.

A la carte options in May 2019.
A la carte options from May 2019.  The duck noodle combination was very good.
Waffles were hot, soft and tasty.

Beverages (juice, coffee, tea, water and soft drinks) are self serve except for beer and wine which must be requested from the staff.

20191228_124754 (1)20191228_125036

Chairs and small tables adjacent to the food and beverages corner serves as a dining area or you can eat at your seat.

Showers and Bathrooms

Even though this lounge is available only to passengers on domestic flights, it is still nice to have the option to shower.  Some customers maybe connecting directly from international flights to another city in Thailand.  This lounge gives those passengers a chance to shower before arriving at their final destination.

Showers are functional if not fancy.  Staff provide personal toiletries on request.


Unlike the Bangkok Airways Boutique lounge next door, the Blue Ribbon Lounge has bathrooms inside the lounge.


Toilets are of the high-tech variety often found in modern Asian cities.20190507_210338

Other features of the Blue Ribbon Lounge include good WiFi (get the code at check in), convenient electrical outlets, flight monitors, and newspapers and magazines in several languages.

This sign summarizes the services and features of the Blue Ribbon Lounge.

Overall Impression

Priority Pass added the Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge to its network about 18 months ago.  For travelers departing Suvarnabhumi Airport on domestic flights, Priority Pass comes to the rescue again.  This lounge is easily the best one on the domestic concourse.  With a limited cook-to-order menu, free beer and wine, comfortable seating, massage chairs and a shower even those with access to the Thai Royal Silk domestic lounge should beat a path to Gate A3 to enjoy this lounge for work and relaxation before a flight.