This post is a brief review of the The Coral Lounge or Coral Beach Lounge in Phuket International Airport’s domestic terminal   It is a Priority Pass lounge.  I dropped in for a few minutes before a flight to Bangkok on VietJet Airways, a successful Asian low-cost airline.

Location, Hours and Access

To get to the Coral Beach Lounge head to the far right of the seating area after passing through security.  The lounge is located next to Gate 5.  This lounge is atypically positioned in the middle of the seating area.  It has an unconventional look that reminds me of the Florida Keys.

The Coral Beach Lounge

This lounge is very small.  From the outside it looks more like an airport restaurant or bar than a lounge.  The first time I visited, I walked right past it.

The lounge is open from 06:00 to 10:00 daily.  Only passengers on domestic flights have access to this lounge.  Stays are limited to three hours.

The Coral Beach Lounge is open to at least two sets of travelers:

  • Any one with a Priority Pass membership and guests at $32 per person two years old or older, and
  • Anyone else with an American Express card can book entrance online through the Lounge Buddy website or app for $30 per person two years old or older.

The lounge may also accept walk-up customers who pay in person.  I presented my Priority Pass card and boarding pass and was admitted without charge.


The lounge is visually dominated by the check-in desk which is immediately in front as you enter.  This bar, the furniture and wood plank paneling give the lounge a Margaritaville ambiance.


There are seats at the bar but I don’t imagine anyone would want to sit there.  The rest of the seating is couches and chairs positioned around the perimeter of the lounge.  This lounge appears to have a maximum capacity of maybe 40 people.

The lounge is surrounded by widows with views of the concourse on three sides.
I sat in a small alcove to the right of the check-in desk. It was one of the few places with accessible power outlets.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are the best feature.  I visited in the morning.  Breakfast was being serves and other dishes were available, too.


The food service area is to the right of the check-in desk.
Scrambled eggs and suasage
I liked this somewhat spicy Thai version of Shepard’s Pie.

Juice is available at dispensers on the counter.  Other beverages including beer are located in a cooler.  Beer, Singha and Tiger, is free.  Other alcoholic beverages come with a charge.


Other Services

There is decent WiFi, a flight monitor, TV and newspapers.  No smoking is allowed.

Overall Impression

The Coral Beach Lounge is a nice place to relax for a bit before a domestic flight.  The food is better than average for a domestic lounge and beer is free.  For a long pre-flight wait, try the Coral Executive Lounge near Gate 8 in the domestic terminal.  It is also Priority Pass and has complimentary 15-minute head and neck massages.  Then drop in to the Coral Beach lounge close to boarding time from one of the nearby gates.