Two things that have improved my travel experiences most are acquiring noise-cancelling headphones and obtaining a Priority Pass lounge membership.  Prior to coronavirus at least, airlines urged passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international ones.  That’s a lot of time to sit in noisy, crowded terminals.  A lounge with free WiFi, food and beverages and a comfortable and quiet setting can be a godsend as far as decreasing stress and improving productivity.

Priority Pass membership comes with several of the more popular travel-related credit cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi Prestige and American Express Platinum.  Priority Pass membership can be also be purchased.  Of course with most travel suspended, that’s not a good option right now.

This post reviews the Sala VIP Formentor Lounge at Son Sant Joan Airport.  I visited this lounge before the Vueling flight to Barcelona at the end of a Mediterranean vacation on the beautiful island of Mallorca. 

Sala VIP Formentor is located on the ground floor of the Module D.  Take the elevator down one floor from the boarding level.


Normal hours are 06:00 -23:00 daily.   In addition to Priority Pass members, others can access the lounge for three hours for 34€ through the Lounge Buddy website.

I entered after presenting my Priority Pass card and boarding pass at the reception desk.  Passengers arriving at Palma have no access.


The lounge has open seating and a contemporary décor.


There is a conference room for group discussions in private.  


Food selection and quality of beer, wine and spirits is average for Priority Pass lounges.


This was the menu.


A good selection of soft drinks, juice and beer is available in the cooler.


The lounge was quiet but few passengers were using the lounge while I was there.  If it gets crowded, the open floor plan might be an issue.  One definite negative is the lounge’s location in the basement.  There are no outside views.

Overall Impression

The Sala Vip Formentor lounge is a good lounge.  It is typical of an average Priority Pass Lounge.  The buffet offers a variety of hot and cold snacks and appetizers such that everyone should find a few items for a satisfying repast.  And those who imbibe should find something pleasing in the selection of beer, wine and spirits.  This lounge is definitely worth visiting for Priority Pass members departing form Module D.  Depending on the amount of time before the flight, Sala VIP Formentor could also be a good choice if you are purchasing access.