Covid-19 has disrupted our lives in many ways.  I’m not complaining too much since I remain healthy although I wonder if the illness I suffered after returning from Milan, Italy in November 2019 might have been related to coronavirus.  Health is the most important thing.  Still, I miss travel greatly.  Airport lounges are one aspect of travel I miss most.

Priority Pass is a great deal for those who travel a lot by plane.  There are more than 1,100 Priority Pass lounges worldwide.  Almost every major airport has at least one.  Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is a Priority Pass mecca  There are 11 Priority Pass lounge in total with at least one on every BKK concourse.

Miracle Group is a Thai company based in Bangkok.  It’s operations include six lounges and a transit hotel at Suvarnabhumi airport as well as three lounges at Bangkok Don Muang airport (DMM).

Miracle First Class Lounge Concourse F

While Priority Pass does not offer lounges on par with the over-the-top first class lounges of carriers such as ANA, Qantas and Qatar Airways, this lounge lives up to the term “first class” in style.  Take a look and see what you think.

The lounge is located on Concourse F near Gate F4.  It is currently closed but normally open 24 hours daily.  The maximum stay is 2.5 hours.  Priority Pass members are allowed one guest without charge.  Children under three are admitted free.


Reception is straight ahead as you enter.  An immediate tip that this is a great lounge are the multiple lounge awards from Priority Pass displayed at the reception desk.


Food And Beverages

Food and beverages are the heart of every lounge.  Guests in this lounge enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold entrees and side dishes, snacks, coffee, tea, juice, soda and alcoholic beverages.  The lounge caters to Asian, Western, and Islamic tastes and requirements.

Fruit, scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, fried rice with vegetables, congee.
Pastries, oatmeal, Halal items.
Additional snacks, pastries, entrees and side dishes.
A pancake machine that makes outstanding no-mess pancakes. Just push the button.

Choose from a selection of premium alcohol, wine and beer to go with a meal or snack.

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The Concourse F Miracle First Class Lounge is a two-level lounge.  Comfortable seating abounds.  After the hassle of check in, security, passport control, and navigating a large international airport, I’m always happy to reach a lounge and take a load off.

The first level seems suited for passengers looking for a quiet spot to work or read.




Take the escalator or elevator to the second floor to find additional seating.  Seating on this level caters more to those wanting to relax.



Bathrooms and Showers

Bathrooms are found on both levels.  Apologies to female readers because I never have photos of the women’s restrooms.  My guess is they are nicer than the bathrooms for men.


Showers are on the first level.


Other Features

The business lounge is located next to a seating area on the first level towards the back of the lounge.


There are several flight monitors to keep track of flight status.  There are no fight announcements.  Newspapers and magazines are on hand in several languages.  This lounge has TVs that are usually tuned to an international news channel.

Overall Impression

The Concourse F Miracle First Class Lounge is one of the best lounges in the Priority Pass system.  The lounge lacks extravagant features like a spa, sleeping rooms and a la carte restaurant; however, it delivers first class food and beverages and copious comfortable seating in a quiet and luxurious atmosphere close to departure gates.  This lounge definitely merits being described as first class.