CNN Travel created a good test of travel knowledge.  For me, the Aviation Quiz was a bit easier than the Cities Quiz although there were still a couple of questions on this quiz that were impossible for this aviation enthusiast.  The correct answers and some additional commentary are below.  I hope you took the quiz and did well.

Also let’s hope for better weather on Saturday for the first launch of a manned space mission from the US since 2011!

Answers For Aviation Quiz

1. Which famous aircraft made its last flight on November 26, 2003? Answer: Concorde  Read about it here.  (I missed this one.  Not a good start.)

2.  Before the Covid-19 pandemic, what was the world’s busiest airport in terms of passengers? Answer: e. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta  (Atlanta is the smallest city among the choices but the airport handles the most passengers because it serves as the primary hub for Delta Airlines.  The top three airports are Atlanta (ATL) Beijing Capital Airport (PKK) and Los Angeles (LAX) last year serving approximately 110 million, 100 million, and 88 million passengers, respectively.  ATL’s lead is safe despite a the rapid growth of civil aviation in China.  Last year, China opened a new Beijing airport, Daxing International (PKX).  With two airports splitting Beijing traffic, Atlanta’s position is secure for the foreseeable future.

ATL from 30,000′

3. Identify the airlines by their tailfin logos:


1. Qantas; 2. South African Airways; 3. Aeroflot; 4. Air New Zealand; 5. Qatar Airways; 6. Lufthansa; 7. Turkish Airlines; 8. Hawaiian Airlines  (This is a hard question unless you do a lot of flying.)

4.  What type of airplane is the US President’s Air Force One? Answer: b. Boeing VC-25 [the military version of Boeing’s 747 — read more about it here]  This question is a bit tricky because Air Force One sure looks like a 747 and most don’t know the military designation for this aircraft.

Air Force One in Daytona Beach, Florida, in February 2020. Chris Graythen/Getty Images

5.  Which two countries were connected by the Kangaroo Route? Answer: England and Australia [Back in 1938, this 37-stop aviation marathon took 10 days. Read more about it here]  (The Kangaroo Route started with Qantas in 1918.  It was a 37-stop 10-day marathon from London to Perth.)

6.  Which direction — north, east, south or west — would you travel between these airports identified only by their codes? a. LAX to HNL (West — Los Angeles to Honolulu); b. LGA to MCO (South — New York to Orlando); c. LHR to JNB (South — London to Johannesburg); d. BKK to PVG (North — Bangkok to Shanghai); e. ARN to SVO (East — Stockholm to Russia).

7.  Match the massive airplane to its nickname:http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_200515164716-20200515-travel-quiz-big-airplanes--answers

(This question is a bit tricky because the 747 and A380 are both referred to as a superjumbo and the 787’s is the Dreamliner.)

8.   Which airline had the most aircraft at the beginning of 2020? Answer: b. American Airlines.  (As of 2019, the top 5 airlines by fleet size are American Airlines (950), Delta Air Lines (880), United Airlines (777), Southwest Airlines (753), China Eastern Airlines (607).  In terms of number of aircraft currently operating, the order likely has changed.  Southwest serves mostly domestic markets which the pandemic has impacted less than international flights.  Southwest has probably passed United and maybe Delta, at least for the time being.)

9.  Why is three the magic number for the Hawker Siddeley HS-12, the Tupolev Tu-154, the Lockheed L-1-1011 and the Boeing 727? Answer: They’re all tri-jets, powered by three main jets. Check out the Boeing 727 below, with an engine mounted in the tail fin. http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_200515145200-boeing-727-trijet-1

(The 727 is an aircraft I flew on frequently back in the 70s, 80s and 90s.  The MD-10 is another popular tri-engine aircraft from the same era.  Trijet aircraft were developed because engine technology at the time was unable to produce sufficient thrust and reliability to fly larger payloads with only two engines.)

10.  What aviation first did Amelia Earhart achieve in 1928? Answer: She became the first woman to cross the Atlantic by airplane.  (Earhart flew across the Atlantic in 1928 but she was only a passenger.  In 1932, exactly five years after Lindbergh’s first flight, Earhart became the second person to fly solo across the Atlantic when she completed a flight from Newfoundland to Derry, Ireland.)

How did you do?  Have you enjoyed the quiz so far?  Next week I’ll share another part of the CNN Travel Quiz to test our travel knowledge.  Thanks for giving it a go.