We must not forget the events of the day.  Still a bit of entertainment can be helpful without being a diversion.  Last week we covered the Cities and Aviation portions of the quiz.  How did you do?  For me, the Aviation quiz was easier although I was stumped on several questions.  This weeks’ portion of the quiz tests our knowledge of world wonders.

I hope you enjoy the quiz.  Good luck!

1. Where in the world can you find these pyramids?

Getty Images

2. What is the world’s largest island?

3. Which country is home to Europe’s largest natural desert?

4. Match the image to the US national park?

Getty Images
a. Canyonlands; b. Yellowstone; c. Grand Canyon; d. Yosemite

5. Can you name the oceans that make up the so-called seven seas?

6. What links Java Trench, Challenger Deep, Molloy Deep, South Sandwich Trench, Puerto Rico Trench?

7. Match these desert oddities to the locations below

Getty Images/Plan South America/Barry Neild
a. Qatar; b. Chile; c. Texas; d. Namibia

8. Which is the only one of the world’s 10 longest rivers to flow northward?

9. Where can you no longer see the Azure Window?

10. Which place receives the most annual rainfall?

a. Manchester, England; b. Mawsynram, India; c. Seattle, Washington; d. Quibdó, Colombia
Answers will be posted tomorrow at 17:00 U.S.

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Photo by Pixabay

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