Shout out to Prof. Jim Borden for acing this week’s segment of the CNN Travel Quiz. (I’m grading on a curve.)  Here are the correct answers along with comments on the answers.

1. Which two Asian destinations separated by the sea were linked by 55 kilometers of bridge and tunnel in 2018? Answer: Macau and Hong Kong [Read more about the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge here]  (Having been to Hong Kong a few times I got this one right)

2. Match the image to the New York bridge.

(The Brooklyn Bridge was my only correct guess.  NYC is a great city.  I need to visit more.)

3.  Which towering French engineer designed the Bolivar Bridge in Peru, the Truong Tien Bridge in Vietnam, and the Imbaba Bridge in Egypt?  Answer:  Gustave Eiffel.

(I got it right but didn’t know the answer.  “Towering French was the key.)

4.  Which country is home to the world’s longest bridge?  Answer:  China.  The Danyang -Kuhnsan Bridge forms part of the high-speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai.  Read about it here.

5. Match the image to the London Bridge.

I got Tower and Millenium right.  Better than for NYC lol.  Tower Bridge is iconic and Millenium Bridge should be new.)

6.  What would happen if you tried to cross France’s Rhône River on the Pont d’Avignon?  Answer: You’d get wet.  The remains of this medieval bridge extend only partway over the water after collapsing in the 17th century.

7.  Can you identify these famous bridges?

I only identified the Golden Gate Bridge.  The “Coat Hanger” should have been obvious with a better photo.  I knew Ponte Vecchio was in Italy but didn’t know the name or the city.

8.  Which two continents are connected by the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.  Answer:   Europe and Asia. 

(I knew this one having used this bridge in Istanbul a couple of times.)

9.  What caused the Pont des Artes Bridge in Paris to collapse is 2015?  Answer:  The weight of so-called love locks.  [Read more about it here]

(Incredible!  I’ve seen love locks on a bridge in Moscow.  Couples use them to symbolize their relationship.  Now I know the French follow his custom, too.   There must be a lot of love locks on that bridge.)

10.  Which country is home to this handy structure?

Answer:  Vietnam.  [Read more about the Golden Bridge in the Trường Sơn mountains here]

(My fallback answer, China, failed me on this one.)

How did you do?  I learned a few things.

There are three more quizzes covering Food and Drink, Countries and Famous Travelers.  Quizzes appear on Friday and answers are posted on Saturday.