I enjoy trivia and TV shows like Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Cash Cab.  They give my brain a workout and boost myself esteem when I get it right.  When I’m wrong, at least I’ve learned or relearned something.  In that spirit,  here is this week’s 10-question travel quiz from CNN.  It is devoted to a subject near and dear to my heart, food and drink.

The only rules are don’t get the answers from Google or CNN.  Asking friends and family is okay.

I am taking the quiz and reporting my score in parentheses after each question.  means I got it right. X means I missed it.  Multiple guess choice questions show the percentage correct.

You can answer some or all questions in the comments (preferred) or take the quiz in your head.

Good luck!

1. Which city has the most Michelin stars? (X)

2. Mirazur was named top of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2019. In which country is it? (√)

3. Can you identify the country from the classic dessert? (50%)

4. What are the bubbles commonly made of in bubble tea? (X)

5. The world’s “happiest country” also consumes the most coffee per capita. Name the country?  (√)

6. Which antipodean dessert is named for a ballerina? (X)

7. Can you match these four British dishes to their names (without laughing)?

a. Eton Mess; b. Toad in the hole; c. Scotch egg; d. Spotted dick (100% Great guessing because I don’t know much about British food)

8. Kartoffelknoedel, xiaolongbao, manti and pierogi are all types of what? (X)

9. What color or colors is Neapolitan ice-cream? (√ Easy.  I love Neapolitan ice cream)

10. Chef Mary Mallon worked in kitchens in New York and Long Island in the early 20th century. By what unhygienic name is she better known? (√ a very  appropriate question given the circumstances today)

I hope you played along in the comments or in your head as a member of the studio audience.  Answers will be posted tomorrow.