The correct answers for the Countries quiz according to CNN are here.  Take a look and see how you did or would have done.  Some of the answers are surprising.  This is the last quiz of the series.  I hope you enjoyed the challenge.

I report my result in parentheses after each question.  means I got it right.  X means I missed it.

1.Name the protagonist in Jules’ Verne’s 1872 novel “Around The World In 80 Days?”  Answer:  (Phileas Fogg)  (X)

2. Which four destinations have Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon visited in four series of “The Trip?” Answer:  UK, Italy, Spain and Greece.  (X – The Trip is a British sitcom)

3. Who led this ill fated Antarctica expedition?

Hulton Archives/Getty images

Answer: Ernest Shackleton [After his ship Endurance was crushed by ice, he led all his men to safety in a months-long trek back to civilization. Read more here]

4. Whose fictional crusade took him from Utah to Portugal, Venice, Austria, Berlin and then Petra?

Paramount Pictures

Answer:  Indiana Jones in “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade.”   (√ – guessed right😃 )

5. What record did US journalist Nellie Bly break in 1890?  Answer: She became the first person to travel around the world in under 80 days.  Her trip took 72 days. (√ – guessed right😃 but ddidn’t know the record)

6. Where did Anthony Bourdain have lunch with former US President Obama?

Zero Point Zero for CNN

Answer:  Hanoi, Vietnam (√ – I remember watching the show and thinking Anthony Bourdain was very fortunate to have an opportunity like that.  I loved his show.  It is a shame he is no longer with us.) Revisit their 2017 encounter here.

7. Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl conquered what fears to cross the Pacific Ocean on his Kon-Tiki balsa wood raft in 1947? Answer: He was afraid of water after nearly drowning as a child.  (√ guessed right.😃  Heyerdahl intended to prove that people from South America could have reached Polynesia during pre-Columbian times.  While it is generally believed that Polynesia was not populated by people from South America, that doesn’t mean there was never any contact between the groups.  The best evidence for that being the sweet potato.  It is native to South and Central America but was part of the Polynesian diet 1,000 years ago.)

8. What have John “Wedge” Wardlaw, Mark Rumer-Cleary, Dallas Burney, John Molony, and John Dickinson done every five years sine 1982?

John Wardlow photo

Answer:  Meet in the same lakeside spot to recreate an identical photograph [Read more about their incredible snapshots taken over 35 years here](X)

9. Why doesn’t Dora The Explorer wear boots?  Answer:  Because Boots is her monkey companion and that’s no way to treat a friend.  (X – I can’t argue with that.)

10. Here she is in India in 1983, but what country has Queen Elizabeth visited more than any other?

Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Answer:  Canada (X – makes sense)

Overall Impression

These quizzes were a good test of travel trivia.  I did best on the aviation section.  Countries was unexpectedly hard.  That section had the toughest question:  What happened in Samoa and Tokelau on December 30, 2011? My hat is off to anyone who knew those countries skipped that date because they switched time zones.  Did you have any favorite sections or questions, or find any big surprises in the answers?  Thanks for being good sports and playing along. 😄