I am most appreciative of being nominated for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award.  As we all know, blogging takes much effort and, for most of us, offers little in the way of tangible rewards.  It is gratifying that, in spite of its many shortcomings, my blog has received this recognition.

Elizabeth, the author of Lizzie’s Journal, nominated me for this award.  Lizzie is a medical student in Ghana.  In her spare time, she authors a blog that displays her abilities as an accomplished creative writer and storyteller.  I encourage you to visit her blog and follow her storytelling through captivating prose and poetry.

Rules For The Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

1) Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their site

2) Answer your nomination’s questions

3) Nominate up to 9 bloggers and ask them 5 new questions

4) Notify the nominees by commenting or letting them know through social media

5) List the rules and display the award logo in your blog post.

6) Provide a link to the award creator.


Lizzie’s Questions 

1. Name your favorite book and the author.  This is embarrassing because I hardly ever read books anymore.  I follow a number of great blogs dedicated to serious literature and envy people who are so well read.  You will laugh, but the book I enjoyed most all time is Mrs. Coverlet’s Magicians by Mary Nash.  It is the book that introduced me to the trilogy about three kids and their housekeeper.  Around age 10, I read it and Mrs, Coverlet’s Detectives over and over.  Perhaps on my deathbed these books will inspire a Rosebud moment à la Orson Wells in Citizen Kane.  Ha ha!

2. What misconceptions about writers have you encountered in your journey so far?  I am not a writer and never really had ideas about them.  One misconception about blogging was that blogs make money.  I’m sure some do.

3. What keeps you going long after you think you can’t?  To go past the point where I think I’ve reached my limit there must be something important at stake or someone has presented a personal challenge.  I like pushing myself but within reason.

4. What are your thoughts on the saying, “love is blind.”  In my view “love is blind” means loving in spite of rather than being blind to.

5. What/who do you love most in your life and why?  I love challenges, mysteries, and adventure.  It may stem from childhood reading like Mrs. Coverlet’s Detectives.  What could be more interesting and exciting than three kids with completely different personalities going on their own to New York City to rescue their kidnapped cat?

My Questions

  1. How do you come up with ideas for blog posts?
  2. What types of music and dance do you like most?
  3. What do you like least about blogging?
  4. Share a little known fact about yourself that others would find interesting or surprising.
  5. What was your goal when you started blogging?  Has it changed?

My Nominees

I’m going to cop out on nominating specific blogs.  Other than blogs that are nominated repeatedly, it is hard to know which of the great blogs I follow might  respond to a nomination.  Therefore, any blogger who reads this post is hereby nominated and invited to participate.

There are some great new blogs from around the world who I follow and who follow my blog.  Please accept this opportunity to receive the recognition you deserve.  Alternatively, anyone who reads this post and would be willing to take part in these awards please let me know.  You can leave a comment here or on any of my posts.     Have fun!

Thanks to Its All About Inspiration for creating this award.