Like a many pop culture icons, Naomi Campbell shares bits of her life on social media.  She posted a video of her activities in the airport in Nice, France and on board a Qatar Airways flight to Doha, Qatar prior to departure.  She is a frequent flyer who takes very thorough precautions against Covid-19.


Although she takes onboard Covid-19 precautions to an extreme, I approve of her choice of airlines.  She is flying business class on an A350-900.  (Qatar A350s do not have first class.)  I recognize the seat from a Qatar flight from Philadelphia, PA to Doha.  In the video, another passenger asks if Campbell will clean her seat.  That takes some nerve, even as a joke.

If she is connecting in Doha, she will have access to the stunning and exclusive Qatar Al Safwa Lounge.  Although the Al Safwa Lounge is reserved for Qatar customers flying first class, Qatar has been running a promotion that allows business class passengers to purchase access.  That is how I got in for $69.


The price has gone up now, but she would probably pay nothing.  The Chairman of Qatar Airways grants complimentary access to A-List celebrities like her.