Almost all airline and airport lounges closed when the pandemic hit in early 2020. Now people are slowly returning to air travel, and airport services, including lounges, are reopening to meet travelers’ needs. Airlines and other lounge operators such as American Express Centurion Lounges have welcomed guests back with limited services. Today, Minute Suites announced that several of its airport lounges are fully reopening.

For me, and I think many other frequent travelers in the U.S., Minute Suites are one of the best innovations of the last decade. Minute Suites provides private rooms inside security at select airports where travelers can nap, relax or work before their flight or during long layovers and delays.

In 2009, Minute Suites opened its first location at Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. Minute Suites has grown to eight locations with two sites at Dallas/Forth Worth, TX, two at Charlotte-Douglas International in Charlotte, NC, and Philadelphia International. Minute Suites at Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Philadelphia are now open. Baltimore/Washington International opens on October 1, 2020, and Nashville International Airport, Nashville, TN opens November 1, 2020).

During long layovers and flight delays, Minute Suites give travelers a much needed place to rest and work in security and privacy.  It beats the heck out of sleeping in airports, which has never been pleasant the times when I’ve had to or chosen to do it.  

Minutes Suites rooms contain a sofa that transforms into a bed that sleeps two, fresh pillows and blanket, a sound masking system, dimmable lighting, and a thermostat for individual environmental control.



Rooms also include a TV with Direct TV, Netflix, WiFi, and a workstation.

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Suites are booked with a one-hour minimum followed by 15-minute increments. An eight-hour day rate and a flat overnight rate are also available. Showers are booked separately in 30-minute increments with special pricing for guests renting a suite in addition to a shower. Advanced booking is recommended when possible and reservations can be made online with the Minute Suites Mobile app.

This is the current price list.

2020-09-25 (3)

Rates are steep. Priority Pass membership, which comes with several premium credit cards like chase Sapphire Reserve and American Express Platinum, takes away some of the sting. The first hour is free for Priority Pass Members. Each additional hour costs $28.

For an overnight layover, I will spend most of the time in the terminal and use the free Priority Pass hour along with a purchased hour or two to sleep. Dallas/Fort Worth and Charlotte are great because each has two Minute Suite locations. That means two free Priority Pass hours.

Buying one or two additional hours turns an overnight layover ordeal into a fairly comfortable and inexpensive pleasure. Shelling out $56 or so is more than worth it for the convenience of remaining in the airport post security rather than travelling to a hotel, paying an overnight rate for a few hours of rest, and a zero-dark-thirty wake up and trip back to the airport.

Final Thoughts

I welcome the reopening of Minute Suites and its current plans to double the number of airports it serves in the U.S. I’m not quite ready to get on a plane, but reopening lounges and blocked middle seats make it tempting. Plus I now have a germicidal ultraviolet light to increase my confidence in avoiding the virus during travel.