This has been one of the best weeks for my blog since its humble and unnoticed beginning in 2015. My blog was nominated for two awards and at some point this week the number of followers broke through the 1,000 barrier.

Parthenon - Athens, Greece
Parthenon – Athens, Greece in 2018

That more than 1,000 bloggers have an interest in my blog posts about flights, nights, sights and other travel news is surprising and gratifying. That gratification is what keeps me going.

It took about four years of effort before reaching 500 followers on April 24, 2020. Reaching 1,000 followers less than six months later is beyond my wildest dreams. My sincerest “thank yous” to all who have generously followed, read, liked, commented, re-blogged or just stopped by for a look.  I am grateful and amazed.

Grand Canyon, Arizona 2018

To return the favor, l follow all of my followers and then some — more than 1,100 blogs. It is an enjoyable challenge to view, read, like or comment on your posts daily. 

Gawu la Pass, Tibet in 2019

Skilled poets, philosophers, artists, writers, photographers, observers and commentators, you have awesome blogs. Discovering your inspiring and fascinating posts every day teaches me a lot about blogging and the subjects you cover.

Thank you!  Keep blogging!  Stay safe!