Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is the best holiday for men. Usually, all we have to do is show up, bring some wine or other alcoholic beverages, eat until we can barely walk, watch football, and fall asleep.

For those who are getting sexist vibes from that statement, I should also say in my own defense that I have cooked the turkey and helped with other preparations when the celebrations were held at our house.

Last year’s Thanksgiving feast was easy on everyone. Family and friends gathered in Virginia and enjoyed a fantastic buffet brunch at the Officers’ Club at Fort Belvoir. The mob came from all over – California, Nevada, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and D.C..

Thanksgiving 2019 at Fort Belvoir, VA

Fort Belvoir is on the site of a Revolutionary War era plantation. Both were aptly named for magnificent views of the Potomac River.


In spite of our president’s tweets encouraging people to gather, this year, I am at home and celebrating Thanksgiving only with my son. We are staying connected to family and friends through phone calls and text messages because coronavirus infections are exploding in the U.S..

I hope all are staying safe and healthy this year so everyone can have even more to be thankful for next Thanksgiving! Peace.