Since the pandemic grounded me in March, I have really missed air travel even though airlines have cut back inflight service substantially. On that front, one enterprising British Airways flight attendant is taking matters into her own hands so to speak. A Heathrow-based British Airways stewardess has reportedly been offering passengers personal services, as well as her underwear, during and between flights.

The flight attendant maintained social media accounts (since deleted) and a blog with risque photos that promised to provide a pair of her panties for $33. She purportedly did not to wear them when flying. About $60 was the starting price to meet her at a hotel.

And unspecified β€œadult entertainment on-board” was available for the right price, according to news reports. Perhaps the Mile High Club is real after all.

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British Airways does not approve and is investigating the allegations which first appeared in The Sun. The story has been reported through many other outlets including The International Business Times and Fox News.

It is amazing that someone could put this stuff on social media expecting that their employer would not find out.