I have previously shared my opinion that, other than having a route network that is concentrated on the U.S. West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii and a few destinations in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, Alaska Airlines is the best airline in the U.S. It’s customer service, operations, and frequent flyer program are second to none.

Thanks to a 2016 merger with Virgin America, Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest passenger air carrier in the United States domestic market that is dominated by long-time behemoths American, Southwest, Delta and United. Alaska shows off a cheeky side at times.

Alaska Airlines new safety video provides an example of its willingness to be unconventional. The one-minute safety video parodies Men In Hats’ 1982 hit “Safety Dance.” Take a quick look. I hope you enjoy the entertaining way it highlights several points about COVID-19 flight safety.

The video was directed by Warren Fu and choreographed by Anna Matuszewski.

The actors are all Alaska employees who were chosen for the video based on workgroups, ability and willingness to dance, and leader nominations. A few were selected from the Alaska Flight Attendant Drill Team. Yes, Alaska has a flight attendant drill team.

The video was filmed over two days in Alaska’s Boeing cabin trainer and the Alaska Maintenance Hangar in Seattle, WA.

Well done Alaska Airlines!