It is the start of another week and that means Monochrome Monday. In going through photo archives to respond to yesterday’s blogging challenge “One Word Sunday – Skyline” I came across this photo taken from the Aloft Hotel in Bangkok in 2018. I think it works well for Monochrome Monday. Cityscapes often look great in shades of gray.

20180704_202009 (1)

This is a photo of the Soi (street) 11 area in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit district, one of the prime tourist areas in Bangkok. Sukhumvit features a hotels of all types, bars, restaurants, night clubs, Thai massage spas, tailors, shopping malls, and lots of street food. One of my favorite Bangkok venues for latin dancing is Above 11, a Peruvian bar and restaurant located next to the Frazier Suites sign on the building in the center of the photo.

Thanks for stopping by today. I wish everyone the best and hope that with vaccines and testing countries and economies can reopen and we can safely return we to our favorite activities soon.