Travelers are very familiar with, and often very thankful for, the moving walkways found in most airports. They speed us along and permit a bit of rest as we navigate concourses and terminals or make our way to baggage claim or the queue for immigration.

20170228_145804 (2)
Hong Kong International Airport.Β  The concept of a machine to move people horizontally on a giant conveyor belt was introduced in 1893 at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, IL.

The first moving airport moving walkways were installed in the Dallas, TX Love Field Terminal, which opened in January, 1958. I take advantage of moving walkways whenever I can and really appreciate them in airports with carpeted floors. It takes considerably more effort to push four-wheeled “spinner” carry on bags on carpeted floors.

When you are on a moving walkway do you prefer to walk or stand? Is there a favorite moving walkway in an airport or other location that comes to mind? I hope your week is off to great start.