Jet bridge at Hong Kong International Airport for a Kenya Airways 787-8 flight to Bangkok.

Last Monday, the subject in monochrome was moving walkway. This week stays with the airport theme and presents the passenger boarding bridge, referred to among other things as a jetway, jet bridge, gangway, air bridge, expedited suspended passenger entry system, or gerbil tube.

The one pictured has a view and is clean as a whistle. Those attributes are major pluses for gerbil tubes, which are not my favorite way to get on or off an airplane.

Gerbil tubes suck, literally. When the gate agent opens the door for boarding, they suck us into the plane. When the flight attendant opens the door after landing, they suck us out.

Walking from the terminal onto the tarmac and climbing aboard is much more dignified. Even being bussed to or from the plane, while being a bit of a hassle, is more interesting because of the ground level views of airport operations.

But there are pluses and minuses for each method. What is your preferred method for getting on and off airplanes?