Here are some interesting stories about travel and other topics that appeared in recent news reports.

According to bne IntelliNews Lufthansa may be planning to set up a special lounge in Moscow, isolated from the rest of the airport, where foreigners can receive the Sputnik V vaccine without the need to clear the border, and then immediately fly out again before returning a few weeks later for the booster jab. The medical tourism package involving flights between Germany and Moscow would cost about €1,000. It would be quite a coup for Putin if rich westerners traveled to Moscow for the vaccine. Reportedly, nearly half of all Russians want nothing to do with Sputnik V.

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On February 28, 2021, a brilliant yellow-green meteor flashed across the skies of Southern England accompanied by a sonic boom. Fragments of the meteor likely landed in rural areas near Gloucester. The fireball was seen by observers as far away as Ireland and the Netherlands.

Image credit: Google Earth/Natural History Museum/UKFall

United Airlines Inc., the world’s third largest airline, agreed to pay over $49 million to resolve criminal charges and civil claims relating to fraud on postal service contracts for transportation of international mail.

A Sudanese Tarco flight from Khartoum, Sudan to Doha, Qatar was forced to return to the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum after a cat attacked the pilot shortly after take-off

Penalties for on-board misbehavior can be severe.

A man is serving 14 months in prison for multiple offenses on a Ryanair flight from Tenerife to Manchester, England on January 29, 2021. The passenger downed about 750 ml of vodka on the flight, threatened flight attendants, regaled the passengers with fascists salutes and refused to wear a mask.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is proposing a $27,500 fine for a passenger who punched a Delta flight attendant in the face on while the flight was preparing to depart from Detroit Metro Airport in October 2020.

Some of these stories make me think maybe I don’t miss traveling as much as I thought I did.