Everyone I know wants life to return to what we regarded as normal before the Coronavirus pandemic, a scourge that in just over one year has claimed more than 2.2 million lives, triggered a global economic calamity and decimated international travel. It is generally accepted that without incurring unacceptable levels of ongoing infection, illness and death, life can return to the way it was only once the population reaches herd immunity.

Herd immunity results when a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease through vaccination or by surviving an infection. Worldwide herd immunity through vaccination has never been tried. This Bloomberg website keeps track of the effort by country and by state and other jurisdictions within the United States. Below is the information it provides for March 4, 2021.

Current vaccination rates are disappointing but are improving.

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The color coding shows relative progress among countries. Go to the website and mouse over a country to see its statistics. A total of seven vaccines are now available for public use, in limited quantities, in at least 111 countries.

The chart below list countries by number of vaccine doses administered. See the website for the complete list.

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Globally, the latest vaccination rate is 6,582,835 doses per day, on average. At that rate, it would take an estimated 4.7 years to cover 75% of the Earth’s population of 7.8 billion with a two-dose vaccine.

The daily average vaccination rate continues to climb thankfully. Delivering billions of vaccines to stop the spread of Covid-19 worldwide will be one of the greatest logistical challenges ever undertaken. Israel leads in terms of doses per 100 people.

The United States leads in terms of the number of doses given, but there is wide variation by state and by location within states.

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Go to the website and mouse over a state to see its statistics. Across the U.S., 24.9 doses have been administered for every 100 people, and 75% of the shots delivered to states have been administered

These are the states doing the best in terms of total doses administered (not as a percentage of the population). The website lists all states, territories, and other jurisdictions.

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Vaccinating roughly 70% to 85% of the population would enable a return to normalcy, according to U.S. infectious disease doctor Anthony Fauci.  In the U.S., the latest vaccination rate is 2,042,676 doses per day, on average. At that rate, it will take an estimated 6 months to cover 75% of the population with a two-dose vaccine.

The good news is the average daily doses continues to climb and the Johnson & Johnson one dose vaccine is now becoming available. The U.S. should reach heard immunity by the begining of summer if not sooner, assuming people actually get vaccinated when the opportunity arises.

Final Thoughts

I plan to track the progress from month to month of the enormous and historic effort to vaccinate 7.8 billion people and end the Coronavirus pandemic. The world is growing more connected everyday. The Coronavirus won’t be the last pandemic to threaten lives and livelihoods worldwide.

Views on vaccines and getting vaccinated vary from person to person. For what it’s worth, I encourage everyone to get vaccinated when they have a chance. I think we will be doing ourselves and our neighbors a favor.